Academic Affairs Policies

AA-01. Entrance Program of Study

AA-02. Admission of Students in SUS

AA-03. Admission of Students in SPS

AA-04. Quantitative Requirements for Admission

AA-05. Qualitative Requirements for Admission

AA-06. Credit for Transfer Coursework

AA-07. Credit by Exam

AA-08. Credit for non-collegiate military training

AA-09. Placement and/or Redemption for English and Math

AA10. Retention and Disposal of Records for Applicants who Enroll

AA11. Retention and Disposal of Publications, Statistical Data Documents and Institutional Reports

AA12. Applicants Enrolled Record Retention

AA13. Registration Records Retention

AA14. Verification Retention

AA15. FERPA Retention

AA17. Credit by Documented Competency for SPS

AA18. Faculty Governance

AA19. Faculty Workload

AA20. Definition of faculty status

AA21. Types of Contracts

AA22. Separation from employment

AA23. Personnel File

AA24. Evaluation

AA25. Academic Freedom

AA26. Professional Ethics

AA27. Faculty Benefits

AA28. Leaves

AA29. Consulting

AA30. Intellectual Property

AA31. Grievance for Faculty

AA32. Role and Responsibilities of Program Advisors

AA33. Teacher of Record expectations

AA34. Student Access to Part-time Faculty

AA35. Guidelines for Approval of Courses in Distance Education

AA37. Definition of Credit Hour

AA38. Determining and Awarding Credit

AA39. Library Patrons

AA40. Library Faculty

AA42. Late Enrollments

AA43. Final Grade Challenges and Changes

AA44. Grade Forgiveness

AA46. Academic Honors

AA47. Academic Consequences for Students Suspended

AA48. Academic Honesty Policy