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The mission of the Department of Marketplace Ministry is to provide students with an educational experience that integrates faith, biblical knowledge and the skills training necessary to become leaders and innovators in both faith-based institutions and secular organizations. The goal is to provide education and experiences that will help students develop a heart’s desire to serve individuals, families and communities where they work in a way that will impact the world for Christ. 

Faculty: David S. King, Chair; George H. Cox; Ascencion Gomez; Shelley R. Greene; William B. Luton; Denyse L. Nobles; Kelsey J. Penix; Tina K. Pharr;  Matthew K. Rice; Patrik Skultety; Zuzana Skultetyova; Nathan E. Soule; Beth L. Strecker; Deborah E. Touhey; Barbara A. Williams; Kara M. Woodworth

At Mid-Atlantic Christian University, we recognize the importance of preparing men and women to engage their surroundings with the good news of Jesus Christ. The message of the Kingdom of God is meant to impact the world. We are a lot more than just a place to train people for full-time positions in a local church. We believe that if we want to impact the world, we must engage the world and offer a message of hope because of the Kingdom of God. The Department of Marketplace Ministry is committed to helping individuals make a difference.

Whether you are interested in business administration, counseling, education, or ROTC, we invite you to learn more about what our department has to offer. 

We offer degrees in:

Business Administration
Counseling & Psychology
Elementary Education 
Military Science (ROTC)