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Mid-Atlantic Christian University
715 North Poindexter Street
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

252.334.2000 Phone

252.562.6292 Fax




University Department Heads

Academic Affairs     Kevin Larsen, Ph.D.  
      Vice President for Academic Affairs  
Finance     Sara E. Shepherd  
      Vice President for Finance  
Institutional Advancement      Vacant  
      Director of Institutional Advancement  
Office of the President     John Maurice  
Student Services     Bane Angles, D.Min.  
      Vice President for Student Services  


University Departments

Admissions     Admissions Department  
      252.334.2000 ext. 3013  
Alumni Matters/Church Openings       Nicole Sershen  
      Advancement Coordinator  
      252.334.2000 ext. 2008  
Learning Enhancement Services     Kathy Smith  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2024  
Financial Aid     Emily Meneely  
      Financial Aid Administrator  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2022  
Foundation      Vacant  
      Director of Institutional Advancement  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2008  
Gifts / Estate Planning        
      Director of Institutional Advancement  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2008  
Student Housing     Bane Angles, D.Min.  
      Vice President for Student Services  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2021  
Library     Rodney Wooten  
      Library Director  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2046  
Student Accounts/Finances     Student Accounts  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2073  
Student Life Coordinator     Makayla Casenelli  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2013  
Transcripts     Yolanda Teske  
    252.334.2000 ext. 2029  
Office of Information Technology     Webmaster  
      Director of Information Technology  

University Staff and Faculty Directory


Adams, Bobby K.
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics
252.334.2000 ext. 2006
Angles, R. Bane
Vice President for Student Services
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry
252.334.2000 ext. 2021
Casenelli, Isaiah
Campus Minister
252.334.2000 ext. 2014
Casenelli, Makayla
Resident Hall Director – PAP
Student Life Coordinator
252.334.2000 ext. 2013
Delosreyes, Nicole
Financial Aid Assistant
252.334.2000 ext. 2020
Divino, Claudio
Chairman of the Department of Bible & Christian Ministry
Associate Professor of Ministry
252.334.2000 ext. 2049
Duffer, Nancy
Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
252.334.2000 ext. 2086
Gibbs, Chris
Maintenance Supervisor
252.334.2000 ext. 2085
Greene, Ken S.
Professor of Youth & Family Ministry
252.334.2000 ext. 2019
Hayes, Rachel
Library Assistant
252.334.2000 ext. 2050
King, David S.
Associate Professor of Counseling
252.334.2000 ext. 2084
Larsen, Kevin W.
VP for Academic Affairs
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Professor of New Testament
252.334.2000 ext. 2009
Lewis, Garrett D.
Admissions Counselor
252.334.2000 ext. 2005
Lewis, Melissa I.
President’s Secretary
252.334.2000 ext. 2002
Louis, Michael
Associate Athletic Program Manager
252.334.2000 ext. 2077
Maurice, John W.
252.334.2000 ext. 2004
Meneely, Andy
Athletic Director
252.334.2000 ext. 2087
Meneely, Emily
Financial Aid Administrator
252.334.2000 ext. 2022
Mirau, Abigail R.
Associate Professor of English Composition
252.334.2000 ext. 2033
Peeler, Josiah D.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
252.334.2000  ext. 2088
Ragland, Rebekah
Assistant Director of Admissions
252.334.2000 ext. 2076
Sershen, Nicole A.
Advancement Coordinator
252.334.2000 ext. 2008
Shepherd, Sara E.
Vice President For Finance
252.334.2000 ext. 2010
Skultety, Patrik
LMS Administrator & Instructional Designer
252.334.2000 ext. 2045
Smith, Kathy R.
Assistant Professor of English Composition
Director of Learning Enhancement Services
252.334.2000 ext. 2024
Smith, Robert W.
Chairman of the Department of Arts and Sciences
Distinguished Professor of History
252.334.2000 ext. 2018
Strecker, Beth L.
Director of Teacher Education
Associate Professor of Education
252.334.2000 ext. 2054
Teske, Yolanda K.
252.334.2000 ext. 2029
Thomas, Cindy
252.334.2000 ext. 2038
Walker, Ritchie W.
Instructional Technology Director
252.334.2000 ext. 3012
White, Tiffney L.
Assistant to the VP for Finance
252.334.2000 ext. 2073
Woodworth, Gerald R.
Associate Professor of Biology
252.334.2000 ext. 2094
Woolard, Ronnie J.
Professor of Bible
252.334.2000 ext. 2017
Wooten, Rodney B.
Library Director
252.334.2000 ext. 2046
Wooten, Tracy D.
Associate Professor of Business Administration
252.334.2000 ext. 2015