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Alumni and Friends,

Mid-Atlantic Christian University alumni serve with excellence around the globe. We are excited about the impact our graduates make every day in 48 states, the District of Columbia, one territory, and 25 countries. Every alumnus serves, whether in the church or the marketplace. Deep in the DNA of MACU is the understanding that Christian leaders serve! Jesus turned the concept of leadership upside down when he said:

“…whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave – just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:26-28).

The formative years in our educational experience at Mid-Atlantic brought us into a family that challenged us to strive for excellence in all things. No doubt, the professors, staff, and students helped shape and mold our lives. President Reagan attended a small faith-based college and as he reflected on the experience he wrote: “If I had to do it over again, I’d go back to Eureka or another small college like it in a second…There may be a lot to be said for those large institutions, but I think too many young people overlook the value of a small college and the tremendous influence that participation in student activities can have during the years from adolescence to adulthood…If I had gone to one of those larger schools, I think I would have fallen back in the crowd and never discovered things about myself that I did back at Eureka. My life would have been different” (An American Life By Ronald Reagan, 1990).

How can you stay connected and support the school we all love?

  • Visit the campus.
    • Come visit MACU and see and feel the excitement of our students as they study and prepare for a life of service!
  • Lead a tour of middle and high school students from your church to MACU.
    • Let them hang out with a student, attend classes, worship in our chapel service, attend a sporting event.

Distinguished Alumni

Mid-Atlantic Christian University wishes to recognize and honor alumni of extraordinary achievement, distinguished service, or exemplary character by presenting them the award “Distinguished Alumnus” or “Distinguished Alumna.”

This award is given to recognize superior leadership or achievement, to acknowledge a selfless spirit of service, to express appreciation for exceptional generosity, or to publicly identify and recognize worthy role models. It is the third highest honor the university bestows, the first being an Honorary Doctorate Degree and the second being the Lighthouse Award.

Those chosen as distinguished alumni, although chosen for any of the reasons listed above, exemplify Christ-like characteristics of leadership and service. They have been determined to be living role models, working tirelessly for the good of others. The university uses the bestowing of such an award to demonstrate and reinforce the importance of taking an active role in serving the Kingdom of God.

Any alumnus/a may nominate an alumnus/s who has completed at least 32 credit hours at MACU. Nominations are due by either January 1 or July 1 to qualify for consideration for bi-yearly presentation dates. Please note that nomination does not guarantee selection and that the entire nomination process is confidential.

To read the details of nomination and selection for the Distinguished Alumni Award, click here.

To download the list of nominating documents, click here.

Alumni Dues

Annual dues for the Alumni Association are due each year at the spring business meeting. Therefore, to remain current–as well as to make you an active member–please pay your dues now or at the March meeting. The cost per year is $20.00 for a single alumnus or $30.00 for a married alumni couple. Lifetime dues may be paid at the rate of $250.00 single or $350 for a married couple.

To pay now, CLICK HERE.  You may also send the following information with a check payable to the MACU Alumni Association and mail to the attention of Helen Scott, 10629 Lambeth Rd., Glen Allen, VA 23068. You may also contact Helen at

Name______________________________________Class Year______

Amount paid _______ for

a) one person, one year; $20
b) married couple, one year; $30
c) one person, lifetime; $250
d) married couple, lifetime; $350


Alumni Association
Lifetime Memberships

Charles G. Presley (1952)
Grace S. Kendall (1952)
Ruby Creekmore (1955)
Frank B. Fuller (1956)
Elec McCoy Moore (1956)
Curtis L. Tillman (1956)
Rebecca M. Rogers (1957)
Margie C. Presley (1963)
Jerelene M. Richards (1963)
Leroy Woolard (1963)
Barbara S. Griffin (1964)
Edwin Griffin (ex’66)
Linda Joyner (1970)
Michael Derrow (1971)
Eugene Perry (1971)
Margaret Perry (1971)
Sharon Thornton (1971)
Paul Snow (1972)
Stephen Thornton (1972)
Roger Marvel (1973)
Robert Moulden (1973)
Dorothy Sciotto (1974)
Brenda Stanley (1974)
Kathy Thornton (ex’74)
Daniel Everett (1975)
Donal Zeiders (1975)
Donna Strawderman (1976)
James F. Stanley (1976)
Eugene Andrews (1977)
David Bateman (1977)
Vincent Cable (1977)
Emily Long (1977)
Gary Ogburn (1977)
James Smith (1977)
Alice Walton (1977)
Dale Everett (1978)
Mike Duffer (1978)
John Maurice (1978)
Ray Eure (1979)
James Moore (1979)
David Brothers (1980)
Lusetta Slagle (1981)
Clorice Wismer (1981)
James L. Wismer (1981)
Ivy Brothers (ex’82)
Ajai Lall (1983)
Timothy Turner (1983)
Ginger Ange (1984)
Sharon Grubbs (1984)
Warren Grubbs (1984)
Greg Hand (1984)
Randy McCarty (1984)
Larry Weaver (1984)
Jo Ellen Weaver (ex’84)
David Thornton (1985)
Malcolm Puckett (1986)
Ruth Headen (1988)
Jay Crawley (1988)
Todd Headen (1988)
William Keith Wood (1991)
Keith Wood (1993)
Nicole Wood (1993)
Gerrard Fess (1995)
Karen Rountree Lawson (1995)
Kendall Cuthbertson (1996)
Valeria Fess (1997)
Dewayne Woolard (1997)
Tamara Woolard (1997)
Shannon Cordon Manning (1997)
Neal Alligood (1998)
Jason Thornton (1999)
Alan Presley (2002)
Angela Rodkey (2002)
Vincent Rodkey (2002)
Chris Brandow (2005)
Timothy Winberg (2005)
Shawn Cooper (2007)
Bernice Davis-Mars (2007)
Mary Ann Godley Cooper (2007)
Nicole Jones (2007)
Helen Scott (2007)
John Scott (2007)
Rachel Hayes (2007)
Corey Jones (2008)

Rebekah Moore (Elected Alumnus)

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