Jack W. Cottrell Lectureship

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Dr. Jack Cottrell earned degrees from The Cincinnati Bible Seminary (A.B., 1959), University of Cincinnati (A.B., 1962), Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div., 1965), and Princeton Theological Seminary (Ph.D., 1971).  Dr. Cottrell would go on to teach Theology and Apologetics for 49 years at Cincinnati Christian University where he stood firmly on the foundation of scriptural authority. Many MACU faculty, staff, and alumni were educated and influenced by Dr. Cottrell and his legacy continues to shine throughout our movement and at Mid-Atlantic Christian University.  Not only was Dr. Cottrell an exceptional scholar and professor, but he was also a prolific writer, publishing more than 43 books translated into 15 languages.

Prior to Dr. Cottrell’s death in September of 2022, Dr. Cottrell phoned President Maurice and asked if Mid-Atlantic would have any desire to take possession of his personal library when he died.  President Maurice responded that MACU would be extremely honored to house the Jack Cottrell collection.  In an earlier email exchange between Dr. Cottrell and President Maurice in 2020, following the Messenger publication (Spring 2020), Dr. Cottrell wrote the following to President Maurice:  “Your article in the Spring ‘Messenger’ titled ‘This Is Us. We Are BOLD’ was great!  I was so glad to read it, and to know that MACU is still standing firm and strong on the Solid Rock!  In these days and times, when anyone asks me, ‘Where can I find a faithful Bible college today?’ or ‘Where can I send our graduating high schoolers today for a good Christian education or for preacher training?’ — MACU is one of the first schools that always comes to my mind, and I definitely emphasize you, folks.  Keep holding the line!”