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Thoroughly Equipping Christian Leaders. The mission of the Department of Bible and Christian Ministry is to equip students with a knowledge of the Bible, interpretive skills, and life-application in order to engage locally and globally in Christian discipleship and leadership within church and parachurch contexts.

Jesus emphasized the centrality of God’s spoken Word for an individual’s life. MACU seeks to help students value God’s Word as a central focal point by requiring all students who earn a degree to complete a minimum of 18 hours in biblical and theological studies. Jesus, also emphasized that Christian ministry is to be done as service. Christian greatness is measured by the quality of servanthood that a disciple demonstrates (Matthew 20:26). The Department of Bible and Christian Ministry seeks to enable students to combine sound biblical teaching with skills that will allow them to humbly serve others. Whether our graduates are serving the local church by preaching, leading worship, working with youth and children, or serving on a foreign mission field, all need to know how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in order to be fruitful in Christian ministry.  

Meeting a Broad Range of Student Interests. Students can pursue any of several levels of study. Whether someone desires a sample of courses for personal enrichment, to someone who desires to prepare for a life of vocational ministry, there are several program options to choose from.  

Programs include:

Faculty: Claudio D. Divino, chair; A. Eugene Andrews, Jr.; R. Bane Angles; Lisa A. Davis; Lee M. Fields; Eric J. Fudge; Ken S. GreeneKevin W. Larsen; R. Russell Mack; Curtis J. McGinnis; Stuart S. Paul; Robert B. Reese; Robert W. Smith; Matthew A. Stead; Ronnie J. Woolard

What are Alumni Saying? 

No matter how excellent, four years of biblical education cannot provide enough material to fill four decades of ministry.  But if a school equips its ministry students with a hunger for truth, an eye for the application of truth, and the ability to excavate the Bible’s infinite supply of truth, 40-50 years is too little time to share it all.  MACU prepared me for a lifetime of fresh, relevant ministry.  If there are occasions when God’s word comes alive in the church I serve, those moments can be traced back to the MACU campus and classrooms where I was loved, taught, and trained in life-changing ways.

Eddie Lowen, West Side Christian Church, Springfield, IL