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Applied Linguistics (Major)

Perhaps the most academically challenging program of study at MACU is the BA in Applied Linguistics. The course of study includes biblical languages plus a very rigorous course of study at Dallas International University.

But consider what was told to one of our students, Johnny Scott, during an internship trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG). Johnny, long interested in cross cultural mission work, was trying to decide about going into Bible translation. Martha Wade, a Bible translator for Pioneer Bible Translators at PNG, told him, “Few people can be translators. If you can do it, you really ought to.”

MACU invites you to find out if God has gifted you to serve in His Kingdom in this special way. More than 2,200 language communities still do not have true access to even one verse of Scripture. Can you help them?

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Biblical Studies (Major)

Ezra 7:10 “For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD, and to do it and to teach his
statutes and rules in Israel.” (ESV)
2 Timothy 2:15 “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no
need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” (ESV)

The student pursing a Biblical Studies major at Mid-Atlantic Christian University will acquire a
deeper knowledge of both Testaments and their interconnectedness. Through training in the
Biblical languages as well as exegetical methodology, the student will be able to analyze the
linguistic, historical, geographic, social, and cultural contexts of the Scriptures. This preparation
will enable the student to properly understand the meaning of the Biblical texts and appropriately
apply its message to their life, the Christian community, and the world.

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Biology (Major)

The Bachelor of Science in Biology will prepare students for a wide range of opportunities after graduation with a solid foundation from a biblical worldview. Students that complete the pre-professional concentration will be prepared for further study in graduate and professional programs in areas such as genetics, microbiology, immunology, and health careers (for example in medicine, pharmacy, optometry, dentistry or other health sciences). Students that complete the environmental science concentration will go to the Au Sable Institute and have a hands-on experience learning about the natural world, environmental issues, conservation biology and wildlife biology.

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Biopsychology (Major)

Biopsychology (also known as biological psychology or behavioral neuroscience) is an interdepartmental major for the study of the biological and physiological foundations of emotional, mental, and behavioral systems. Students will study the links between biology, chemistry, and psychology, especially those involving the central nervous system at the cellular and structural level. Biopsychology students explore the intricacies of brain circuitry, learning how neurons and neurotransmitters contribute to normal and abnormal behavior. With this foundation, students can begin pursuing expertise in a variety of areas – studying the brain from a chemical, cellular, genetic, developmental, behavioral, cognitive, or social behavior perspective.

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Business Administration (Major)
Whether the organization is public, private for-profit or non-profit, leading an organization requires a broad range of knowledge and skills. Students majoring in Business Administration will develop abilities to assess organizations and develop strategic abilities and innovative solutions to equip people within the organization to help it achieve its mission. Students will develop oral and written communication skills, discuss aspects of personal leadership, and learn basic marketing, managerial accounting principles, understand theories regarding organizational development, and apply best practices in directing an organization through strategic planning.

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Christian Ministry (Degree-Completion Program)

In Romans 8:6, Paul contrasts a self-focused life, calling it a “dead end,” with a God-centered life, which leads one “out into the open, into a spacious, free life” (The Message).  Eugene Peterson’s language reflects what ministry is. While ministry is challenging (to say the least), it is a unique privilege whose rewards are the very opposite of a dead end.  Ministry is a call from God to champion the life-changing message and person of Jesus Christ. Have you heard that Call?

The Christian Ministry degree at MACU seeks to challenge and prepare men and women for a variety of roles in the church.  The goal is to provide biblical knowledge with practical ministry skills, that can be united with the call from God, as Luke writes, to serve God’s purposes in your generation (Acts 13:36).

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Counseling and Psychology (Major)

Proverbs 15:22 says, “Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.” (NASB) Unfortunately, in our fractured world people are bombarded with often confusing and ungodly counsel and advice. There is a desperate need for Christian people who are trained to assist these people. Mid-Atlantic Christian University is one of the few schools that offers an undergraduate program that includes a variety of counseling courses in addition to psychology. Many of our graduates have found our program to be excellent preparation for graduate school, while others have found the program to help them be better servants in the local church. If you are interested in helping people with the struggles that are common to mankind, you will find this degree vital in reaching your career goals.

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Cross-Cultural Ministry (Concentration - Ministry Major)

The purpose of the Cross-Cultural Ministry concentration is to prepare students to serve the Lord Jesus Christ effectively in cross-cultural settings worldwide. The concentration is designed to build disciples of Jesus who will participate in God’s global missions, whether through full-time Christian ministry or through other vocations.

The coursework is integrated so that students can develop practical skills of discipleship and leadership, preparing them to share the gospel and to disciple new leaders in other cultures.

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Environmental Science (concentration - Biology Major)

The Bachelor of Science in Biology (Environmental Science Concentration) includes an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on the functioning of the natural world, environmental issues, and management of natural resources.  This option is recommended for those interested in environmental issues, conservation biology and wildlife biology. As students seek to understand the role of humans as stewards of God’s creation, they will gain a strong foundation in the natural sciences. Field-based courses at Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies provide hands-on experience in the environment as well as additional opportunities to integrate faith and learning.

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Esports and gaming administration (concentration - Business Administration Major)

Between 2018 and 2019, the number of jobs in Esports nearly doubled – growing a staggering 185%. In addition, there are numerous business jobs elsewhere in the games industry – distribution, research, sales, marketing – that need content savvy managers. The explosive growth in Esports – and the attendant growth within the games industry which it has fueled – has created a demand for business professionals with a solid understanding of the nuances of the industry.

The ESports and Gaming course curriculum has been informed by interviews conducted with professionals at Capcom, Riot, and other Esports-adjacent companies. They identified three gaps in traditional business education programs that – if addressed – would result in graduates who are significantly more employable in the games industry.

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Global Business Marketing (concentration - Business Administration Major)

The Global Business Marketing (GBM) concentration helps undergraduate students develop a broad range of knowledge of marketing know-how along with the skills necessary for implementing strategic and effective marketing campaigns for organizations.

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Human Resource Management (concentration - Business Administration Major)

The Human Resource (HR) Management concentration helps undergraduate students develop a wide range of knowledge of HR management along with the skills necessary for implementing strategic, effective, and legally defensible HR practices in business organizations.

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Law (Accelerated Dual-Degree)

Mid-Atlantic Christian University has partnered with the Regent University School of Law to offer you a combined bachelor’s and juris doctor program that saves you time and tuition – without compromising value! With a doctorate in law and a bachelor’s degree in the field of your choice, there’s no limit to how far you can go in the world of justice.

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Ministry (Major)

The Ministry Program is a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program that includes a Biblical Studies major and a Ministry major. The Ministry program is a unique opportunity for a student to build their own degree program. Mid-Atlantic recognizes that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we are excited to offer a program that allows students to pick and choose from a variety of courses related to formal Christian vocational service, either in the United States or abroad. Students will take a core of courses, including a significant internship experience, and then fill out the program with electives ranging from preaching, youth ministry, worship, and cross-cultural ministry.

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Organizational Leadership (concentration - Business Administration Major)

The Organizational Leadership concentration allows students to develop the abilities to assess organizations and develop strategic and innovative solutions to equip people within the organization to help achieve its mission. Whether the organization is public, private for-profit or non-profit, leading an organization requires a broad range of knowledge and skills. Students will develop oral and written communication skills, discuss aspects of personal leadership, and learn basic marketing, managerial accounting principles, understand theories regarding organizational development, and apply best practices in directing an organization through strategic planning.

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Preaching (concentration - Ministry Major)

Is God calling you to lead the way in sharing the Gospel with the church and the community? The purpose of God in history centers on restoring and enjoying a relationship with every man and woman, whom He created in His likeness. Through Christ, God offers needed restoration and invites us to join Him in restoring our lost brothers and sisters, as His ambassadors of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5).

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Professional Sales (concentration - Business Administration Major)

With the boom in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers the demand for Business-to-Business (B2B) Salespeople has grown dramatically. Top companies like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Amazon Web Services increasing rely on cloud computing and other non-native hardware and software to support their operation. These businesses, however, struggle to find qualified entry-level salespeople, most notably because there are only approximately 80 colleges in the United States who have a Sales Department on their campus. Furthermore, sales education is often outdated or purely theoretical. As a result, the majority of the companies we have spoken to are intensely focused on finding college graduates that have practiced skills in professional sales.

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Public Administration (concentration - Business Administration Major)

The Public Administration concentration introduces undergraduate students to how administrators make policy and enforce programs to help build and strengthen communities and society.

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Science Education (Major)

There is a crucial need for science teachers in the 21st century. MACU offers you the unique opportunity to graduate in four years with a Bachelor of Science in Science Education with a minor in Biblical Studies. This degree enables you to teach Biology, Chemistry, or Physics at the secondary education level. Aligned with national and state standards, successfully completed programs lead to North Carolina Teacher Certification and can be transferred to other states as well as internationally.

Mid-Atlantic Christian University’s School of Education offers a learning environment that supports Christian values in the classroom. Teacher candidates will receive professional preparation to succeed as a teacher so that your future students will succeed in school. You will also benefit from spiritual support that prepares you for ethical leadership. Graduates of the program will be able to apply for a “Comprehensive Science” teaching license from the State of North Carolina for secondary education.

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Sport Management (concentration - Business Administration Major)

The Sport Management concentration provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a Sports Management position. Through classroom instruction and experiential learning students prepare to be a professional leader in the sport industry.

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Supply Chain Management (concentration - Business Administration Major)

Supply Chain Management has become one of the most critical areas for companies who need to move products around the globe.  Networks continue to expand.  A total of 1.4 million new jobs in Supply Chain and Logistics were created from 2014-2018, and this growth is likely to continue as more and more companies recognize the crucial importance of their supply chain.

Because the importance of this role has grown so rapidly in recent years, the labor market is currently experiencing a shortage of Supply Chain professionals, and most of the people working in this area do not have a formal education in the field. Beyond the potential earnings found in this field, students who work in these jobs will be able to have a real impact as global supply chains continue to multiply and impact economies and environments throughout the world.

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Teacher Education

The Teacher preparation faculty is passionate about preparing our candidates to serve as highly qualified teachers in public, Christian or overseas schools by helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and Christian character that will prepare them to be extraordinary servant leaders who are impacting the world for Jesus Christ. Our programs at Mid-Atlantic Christian University are modeled after some of the best teacher education programs in America. When students complete our Teacher Education degree programs they will have had more classroom experience than most other education programs. Putting into practice what is taught in our university classes, along with having outstanding in-service teachers as mentors, ensures the ultimate learning experiences for our students.

Our courses are taught by teachers who have years of experience and have remained current as life-long learners. We expect the best from our students, and we promise to give back the best; the best opportunities, the best teaching staff, the best classes while being a part of a fine Christian University. If you have a heart for teaching, join us in this awesome experience.

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Youth and Family Ministry (Major)

It’s bigger than a stepping stone. It’s sooner than the church of tomorrow. It’s deeper than babysitting. It’s a call to one of the most difficult yet rewarding ministries in the kingdom. And I pray it’s what God has in mind for you.

Almost every person has seen that families have the ability to empower or damage young people’s potential. In my 25 years of ministry, I have become passionate about helping young people and families develop Christian values. The Youth and Family Ministry program offers the skills to work with families through the life cycle.

“Introduction to Family Ministry” lays a strong theological foundation for a faithful and relevant ministry to students. “Teaching for Spiritual Transformation” focuses on current trends and practical ways of reaching a postmodern generation.

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