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There is a crucial need for science teachers in the 21st century. The College of Education offers you the unique opportunity to graduate in four years with
a Bachelor of Science in Science Education with a minor in Biblical Studies.  This degree enables you to teach Biology, Chemistry, or Physics at the secondary education level. Aligned with national and state standards, successfully completed programs lead to North Carolina Teacher Certification and can be transferred to other states as well as

Mid-Atlantic Christian University’s School of Education offers a learning environment that supports Christian values in the classroom. Teacher candidates will receive professional preparation to succeed as a teacher so that your future students will succeed in school. You will also benefit from spiritual support that prepares you for ethical leadership. Graduates of the program will be able to apply for a “Comprehensive Science” teaching license from the State of North Carolina for secondary education.

Students successfully completing the Science Education major will:


Develop the knowledge base and teaching competencies required for teacher licensure in the licensure area of "comprehensive science"


Develop professional preparation in the skills and methods of teaching science education at secondary levels


Foster learning experiences which encourage leadership and cultivate creativity, investigation, testing of new ideas, and research


Express an understanding of adolescent development

MACU's professors are what sets us Apart from other colleges

This program will provide a solid foundation for Science Education while making you feel like a part of the family at MACU.

Bobby K. Adams

Beth L. Strecker

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