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MACU Ministry Internship Program Philosophy  

Jesus had a strategy for developing His followers into individuals who would become leaders in fulfilling His mission.  Jesus called them to Himself, taught them, modeled a lifestyle which He wanted them to follow, cared for them, and held them accountable.  He also involved them in ministry which was used as a learning experience for them.  

The Internship Program has been developed to be an integral part of the student’s training for ministry.  It requires a strong partnership between the University and the Internship Sites to provide meaningful experiences, which include an experienced Field Mentor who can help the student with his or her integration of theology and practice of ministry.  

MACU believes that students need an opportunity to experience ministry, to reflect upon that ministry experience with a mentor, to articulate insights which have been gained, and to plan for future ministry utilizing the newly learned insights.  This learning context will help the student integrate previous learning, formal and informal, which will enhance his or her total educational experience.  

Mid-Atlantic Christian University’s goal for the internship is to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders.