The Purpose and Vision are the same, but the Mission has changed. The new mission is Rwanda Challenge’s response to new “Church” laws in Rwanda. A local church cannot meet without a legal building. A local church cannot meet without a legal preacher. A legal preacher is required to have an associate degree in Bible/theology by September 10, 2023.
THE VISION: local church leaders throughout Rwanda who have the capacity to lead the Rwandan Church and become missionaries to neighboring countries.    
THE PURPOSE: to bring glory to God by loving His Church in Rwanda.
THE MISSION: to provide an affordable associate degree in Bible/theology for Rwandan preachers to be awarded by September 10, 2023.

MACU-Rwanda Campus Property

A higher education degree offered in Rwanda requires a physical address (property and appropriate building, etc.) in Rwanda.  In August 2023, this building and property were deemed the best fit for a MACU-Rwanda campus. The plan is to rent several units out to businesses to provide a sustainable path to cover the overhead for the future operation of the school.   In order to make a MACU-Rwanda campus a reality, Rwanda Challenge must raise the funds for each of the following four phases:

Phase 1: Initial Expenses

  • Purchase vacant lot behind building; $25-35,000.
  • Purchase unfinished building and property; $180,000.

Phase 2: Finish Building

  • The building above needs to be finished.
  • Estimate is $110,000.

Phase 3: Furnish Campus

  • Library tables and books
  • Classroom furniture
  • Dean’s office

Phase 4: Ongoing Expenses

  • MACU Professor Expenses
  • Student computers
  • Student books