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Kevin_Larsen_2.jpg (x)px This is an exciting time at Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU) as we seek to train extraordinary leaders for service in the Kingdom. We have programs of study designed for someone who desires to be involved in vocational ministry. We also have a growing list of programs for someone who desires to serve God in a non-traditional ministry setting. We hope that you will join us in the adventure of impacting the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders.

The heart and passion of MACU’s academic program is the four-year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. With the realization that some students have academic goals beyond MACU we also offer associate degrees that can be completed in 2 years and two certificate programs.

The four-year degree programs, the B.A. and the B.S., require at a minimum 120 semester hours of credit. The principal difference between the B.A. and the B.S. degrees is that the B.A. requires the study of a foreign language. In keeping with the mission of MACU, every degree program requires students to complete courses in biblical and theological studies. Students preparing for vocational ministry will complete a 48 hour major in Biblical Studies, all other four-year degree students will complete a minor in Biblical Studies. For the B.A. and the B.S. degrees, at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the required semester hours must be taken at MACU.

Nearly all of the baccalaureate degree programs require a student to complete an internship requirement. Working with a local congregation, organization, or institution, the student will learn first hand with the guidance of a field mentor and faculty advisor. Depending upon the program of study, three to six semester credit hours may be earned.

Whether it is in the classroom or through a supervised practical experience “in the real world,” MACU is committed to providing a quality academic program to train extraordinary leaders to serve in God’s Kingdom. If you have questions or concerns about your academic program, please feel free to stop by the Academic Affairs Office. Again, welcome to MACU.

Kevin W. Larsen, Ph.D. 
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Contact Information:
For information on any of our academic programs, contact the Admissions Office at 252-334-2076 or 1-866-996-MACU, or e-mail us at

If you have specific questions about transfer credits, contact the Registrar’s Office at 252-334-2029 or e-mail us at