Make a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Endowments are held inside the Mid-Atlantic Foundation.  The Mid-Atlantic Foundation offers donors the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the mission of Mid-Atlantic Christian University.  Foundation funds are perpetual and continue to make awards each academic year. The Foundation is vital to the financial strength and future of an institution like Mid-Atlantic Christian University.

The Mid-Atlantic Foundation receives tax deductible gifts as endowments and then invests these gifts. Earnings are used in accordance with the donor’s request, while the principal remains intact to generate future earnings. The Mid-Atlantic Foundation policy is to invest the endowed principal in assets which balance safety of principal, growth of principal, and generation of income. These funds are managed by a conservative and faithful board of directors who have a Kingdom mindset and a love for MACU.

The Mid-Atlantic Christian University Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) entity established in 1985 to provide support to the Mid-Atlantic Christian University.

TYPES of Named Funds:

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships awarded to deserving students at Mid-Atlantic Christian University.

FACULTY/STAFF SCHOLARSHIPS: Underwrites continuing education for MACU faculty and staff.

MISSION ENDOWMENT FUNDS:Supplements the general operational expenses of MACU.

SPECIAL DESIGNATED FUNDS: Underwrites a specific operation or service of MACU.

Naming Opportunities

Named Funds can be started with a minimum $10,000 contribution. Contributions may accumulate for up to 7 years until the total reaches $10,000. Once the fund is named, additional contributions are encouraged and may be added at any time in any amount. As the fund grows beyond $10,000 the award also increases. If the fund does not reach $10,000 within 7 years the balance will be added to another named fund of similar scope or into the Presidential Merit Scholarship Fund at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Department and Administrative Chairs are available for naming opportunities with a minimum of $1,000,000.

Fund donors are notified annually when the student scholarship awards are distributed. Fund donors are invited to attend an annual banquet on the campus to celebrate with student scholarship recipients. Students and donors enjoy meeting each other at this event. The Banquet is usually held in October.

To Establish A New Foundation Fund

Please contact the Advancement Office to learn more about establishing a new Foundation fund. Reach out to by either e-mail ( or call 252-334-2008.

To Make a gift to an existing Foundation Fund

To make a gift to an existing Foundation Fund simply note on your check, or online transaction, that the gift is for the MACU Foundation and it is to be applied to the fund (name the fund). Or, click the donate now link below to give securely online.

Dr. Dennis Pruett Memorial Scholarship:

Dr. Dennis D. Pruett loved God’s Word and shared it freely with those around him by using his many talents as minister, medical missionary, emergency room physical, pilot and author. This scholarship was established to help MACU students carry on the work inspired by Dr. Pruett. His medical missionary work in Africa is just one of the important works Dr. Pruett accomplished. FAME and HASTEN, International were started by Dr. Pruett.

Please make your check to the Mid-Atlantic Foundation with a note for the Dr. Pruett Memorial Scholarship.

Jonathan B. Sawyer Memorial Scholarship:

Jonathan B. Sawyer made an impact with his short life preaching God’s love and being an example of God’s kindness. Jonathan graduated from MACU in 1967. The churches he served in eastern North Carolina include West Belhaven Church of Christ and Community Christian Church of Williamston. He lost his life to leukemia in 1970. Please join us in giving a memorial gift to this scholarship fund for preaching students at MACU. Make your check to the Mid-Atlantic Foundation with a note for the Jonathan Sawyer Scholarship.

J.T. and Addie Maye Segroves Scholarship:

ECC alumus Thomas Joseph has issued a challenge to fellow alumni: Match his $10,000 gift to the Mid-Atlantic Foundation in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Segroves over three years. Thomas wants to see $20,000 added to the J.T. and Addie Maye Segroves Scholarship Fund to honor the Segroves work at ECC.

The J.T. and Addie Maye Segroves Scholarship is awarded to a continuing qualified applicant residing in the northeastern United States pursuing a B.A. in Preaching Ministry and must demonstrate exceptional campus leadership.

Simply make a donation to the Mid-Atlantic Foundation with a note “Segroves Challenge” on your check.