MACU Announces Fall 2018 Dean's List

December 19, 2018

The Dean’s List is comprised of full-time students (12 or more credit hours) whose semester GPA is 3.500 or above.  Students achieving a 4.000 are indicated with an asterisk (*).   Alexander, Talethia Jae Anderson, Alyssa Shay Becker, Sarah Bird, Tara Dawn Carter, Sandra Horne Coburn, Ian M. Cooper, Jackson Laine Corbett, Joy* Davis, Spencer Alexander Defederico, Darrien C.* Drysdale, Lauren Elizabeth Frye, Lydia Garza, Michael Perry Gilkes, Micaiah H. Hackett, Allison E.* Hood, Jesse Quinn Howlett, Gabrielle Jarman, Noah R. Josephson, Ashlyn Neal Kelley, Ryan Langley, Rebekah Grace* Maclin, Leah Nicole Martin, Lindsey Parker, Britni Bethany Marie Smith, Sarah Mackenzie Stanley, Alexander L. Turner, Kayla Vickers, Joshua Scott Wayne Warren, Brian White, Brealle Kay-Ann Willison, Serenah Marie Winslow, Emily Paige 12 additional students achieved Dean’s List but they requested non-disclosure  

3 new academic programs coming Fall 2019

November 27, 2018

MACU is pleased to announce that for Fall 2019 the university intends to offer 3 new academic programs. 1) Major in Biopsychology Biopsychology (also known as biological psychology or behavioral neuroscience) is an interdepartmental major for the study of the biological and physiological foundations of emotional, mental, and behavioral systems. Students will study the links between biology, chemistry, and psychology, especially those involving the central nervous system at the cellular and structural level. Biopsychology students explore the intricacies of brain circuitry, learning how neurons and neurotransmitters contribute to normal and abnormal behavior. With this foundation, students can begin pursuing expertise in a variety of areas – studying the brain from a chemical, cellular, genetic, developmental, behavioral, cognitive, or social behavior perspective. This is an attempt to isolate our “nature” (our biology and genetic make-up) from our “nurture” (our environmental conditioning) so that we can better understand the roles that nature and nurture each play in the formation of our behavioral patterns. Our faith-based biopsychology degree program is designed to engage the area of neuroscience with a Christian critique, discernment and dialogue, thereby advancing MACU’s mission of training students to be used by God to engage and transform modern...

MACU Professors Speak at National Conferences

November 13, 2018

This week (November 13-17) MACU professors Dr. Lee M. Fields and Dr. Robert W. Smith are making presentations at three different academic conferences being held in Denver, CO. At The Evangelical Theological Society’s Annual Meeting, Dr. Fields, professor of Bible, is presenting two papers. The first presentation is Wednesday on “Fourth-Semester Hebrew: A Communicative Approach.”  The second paper he is presenting is on Thursday, titled, “Progress and Regress: Jewish-Christian Dialogue in Antiquity.”  Dr. Smith, professor of history and Bible, is at the Near East Archaeological Society Annual Meeting and presenting a paper on Thursday  titled, Muslim and Christian Veneration at the Pilgrimage Complex of Abila in Late Antiquity.”  Dr. Smith is also presenting a paper at the American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, titled, “Sense and Sensibility in the Quwayiba Pilgrimage Complex.”

Dr. Skultety serves on International Committee

October 23, 2018

Dr. Patrik Skultety, assistant professor of management and the LMS administator at MACU, was invited to serve as a member of the advisory board and scientific committee for the International Scientific Correspondence Conference. The conference is being held at the University of Presov in the Republic of Slovakia.  The theme of this year's conference centers around the topics of "Economics and Economic Practice - analysis and trends" and "Sustainable Development and the Environment."  MACU is proud of Dr. Skultety as he represents the university and a Christian worldview in the important topics of economics and the environment.

MACU to Cancel Classes Tuesday at Noon

September 11, 2018

Elizabeth City, NC – September 10, 2018 – In anticipation of Hurricane Florence making landfall in North Carolina Thursday a.m. and then stalling out and producing anywhere from 1-2 feet of rain throughout the region, Mid-Atlantic Christian University is taking the following steps.   1) Classes are cancelled beginning at noon on Tuesday, Sept 11 through the weekend.  Plans at this time are to resume classes Monday, Sept 17 at 8:00 a.m.  Students should monitor university email and the website for any potential changes to the plan for resuming classes.   2) Students who live in the dorms are encouraged to leave the campus Tuesday afternoon and return home or go with a friend to their home.  The campus will be closed at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday and students MUST be vacated from the dorms by that time.     3) Students who are unable to go home or do not have a friend that they can go with should notify the Resident Hall Director, ASAP.   4) The Dining Hall will be open and serve all meals as scheduled on Tuesday.  Breakfast will be served on Wednesday.  Students who notify their RA may...