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Student Activities

The MACU Student Life Department believes fun is just as integral to a student’s development as education. Our activities are planned with students’ social, academic, health/wellness, and spiritual needs in mind. Fun improves relationships and reduces stress! 

Check out the list below to see some of the activities that happen regularly on MACU’s campus!


In a tradition dating back to the very first year of of MACU’s operation, the senior class plans a day early in the fall semester called Sneak Day. Students are woken up early on Sneak Day to find that classes have been cancelled and day of fun has been planned! We have been to amusement parks, trampoline parks, and amusements centers with go-karts or laser tag, the possibilities are endless. 


River Day celebrates the end of the school year with a staff vs. student softball game, cook out, sailing, and tubing!


When it was built, The Roanoke Press building served as an actual printing press. The school newsletter was published regularly from that location for years, however, when publishing shifted to a different method the building served as storage.

Recently, this space was renovated and new life was breathed into it! With plenty of seating, beverages for sale, and game tables, The Roanoke Press has become a place for students to relax, unwind, and spend time together. Occasional events are scheduled in the Press including videogame tournaments, card nights, movie marathons, and more! 


As the winter months get closer and the temperatures drop, many weekends you will find that someone has arranged a cozy bonfire. The fire pit is located outside Presley Hall, feet away from the dock. Sit on a swing, roast a marshmallow, and see the lights of downtown reflected on the beautiful Pasquotank river.


Home games are a college tradition across the country, and MACU is no different! We gather to cheer on our basketball and volleyball teams in the Chesson Gymnasium and enjoy classic concession snacks. Basketball half-time events include games and contests. Our soccer team plays on the field next to Presley Hall. Students enjoy a waterfront view as they cheer on the soccer team and some can even enjoy the games from the window of their dorm rooms!


MACU offers several intramural sports throughout the year. Past offerings include basketball, volleyball, flag football, and indoor soccer.

Open Gym occurs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights from 10:00 pm-12:00 am. Students are invited to come exercise and hang out in the gym at their leisure.  


MACU has several opportunities for students to engage in clubs/organizations that connect to their interests.

The Student Government Association acts as an avenue for students to use their collective voice to bring issues to light that students really care about. From raising funds for charity, to organizing community service projects, to presenting student ideas and concerns, this organization allows students to exercise leadership on MACU’s campus.

The MACU Media Club creates and shares student-produced content in the areas of video, podcasts, a newsletter, and photography.

Lots of other opportunities exist to engage on campus and students are encouraged to start new clubs or groups if there is something they’re passionate about!