Dorm Life

Mid-Atlantic has two residence halls: Pearl A. Presley Hall (girls dorms) and Harold C. Turner (guys dorm). This halls supports traditional dormitory-style living on a college campus. Each dorm houses a Residence Hall Director, who oversees room assignments and other dorm matters. Resident Assistants, students employed by the university who are located on each hall to assist students with day-to-day college life, to provide guidance and direction with personal matters, and to organize dorm activities that build fellowship and spiritual maturity.  

“Living in the dorms has given me a new sense of responsibility. I really like the fact that I am out from under my parent’s house and learning to take care of myself and becoming a man. I also enjoy hanging out with the other guys in the dorms. It’s really cool.”

“There’s always a good friend near.”

“Living in the dorm is very eventful to say the least. You will laugh, cry, scream, hug, experience- all with one another. But most importantly you grow, man do you grow.”

“Living in the dorms has been a great way to meet friends who will help you grow in your spiritual walk daily, and be a part of your life forever.”

Mid-Atlantic’s dorms provide comfortable living for its residents. Currently, all of our dorm residents reside in Presley Hall, a three-story facility with 67 double rooms. Each room has the following stationary furnishings: 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 bookshelves, 2 sets of closets (one for hanging clothes, one with a chest of drawers), sink and mirror, room controls for AC/heat, wireless internet and LAN hookup, phone.

Dorm Room

Each hall also has a lobby with TV and cable access. The first floor main lobby is equipped with a wide-screen TV and cable, sitting and studying areas, Foosball and pool tables, and table tennis. In addition to these amenities, there is also a workout center provided in the Herald C. Turner building.