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2013 Griffin Awards

Jan 24, 2013 | General Info, News

2013 Scholarship Awards:

1. The Griffin $1,000

2. Runner Up $500.00

3. Miss Congeniality $250.00

Each “film” must be original and be themed upon ONE of the following three inspirational references:

1. A day in the life of….(How God has changed me since I came to MACU.)

  2.  John 3:16-21

    3.  IMPACT.  MACU’s goal is to educate students to be thinking and acting Christians.  You’ll be challenged to think for yourself, to analyze information and ideas,     andto explore the nature and meaning of the world in the light of God’s word.  You will be mentored by Christian scholars to make an impact on the culture.

TRANSFORM.  Our mission is to facilitate the life change that can take place in one’s college years.  We strive to provide the knowledge, training, skills,               guidance and experience necessary to transform you as you impact  today’s culture.

LEAD.  We believe real leadership is about service.  That’s why everything we do at MACU — in the classroom, dorm, or athletics — empowers you to serve               others as you use your talents. As leaders serve they gain trust, respect and confidence to use their abilities to make a difference in their chosen fields.

The Rules:

  • All current MACU School of Undergraduate Studies students and fall 2013 applicants are encouraged to enter.
  • Each “film” must comply with the spirit of the MACU handbook and the University’s honored reputation is to be considered by the filmmaker.
  • Each “film” must be a minimum of 60 seconds in length and no more than 180 seconds.

No copyrighted materials, music or images may be used without the owner’s expressed and written permission.  Permission for use of copyrighted materials must be digitally submitted at the same time that the film is submitted for participation / judging.  Music maybe sourced for your film at http://freeplaymusic.com/

  • Each “film” must be submitted via memory stick, memory card, DVD or other digital media.
  • Each “film” may not be published to the web in whole or in part by the producer or his / her team without permission.
  • Each “film” becomes the exclusive property of Mid-Atlantic Christian University upon submission to the contest.
  • All accepted films will be shown at the 3rd Annual Griffin Film Festival on February 14th.
  • All “film” submissions are due at close of business (5:00 PM) Monday February 11, 2013 without exception.
  • Scholarship prizes will be credited to the student(s) account prior to registration for the FALL 2013 semester.
  • Each filmmaker must specify to the University the Producer, Director, Writer and Cast members and how to divide and distribute any scholarship prize won.

Submission Data


Film Title:


Inspiration chosen:


Music Credits:







*The contact person is the Producer.  (Please supply their cell phone # and email address):


Divide any prize money won in the following manner…

If $1,000:

-Student A = $

– Student B= $

– Student C = $

If $500:

– Student A = $

– Student B= $

– Student C = $


If $250:

-Student A = $

– Student B= $

– Student C = $