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What are they saying?

Sep 20, 2019 | General Info, News

While ministry takes many forms and should be done in all aspects of life, there is a special heartbeat at MACU for those who are called to do ministry vocationally.  As part of the educational process students who are preparing for vocational ministry complete an internship. The internship program requires the student to work with an individual on site to mentor them during their time of serving in a church, on a mission field, or with a parachurch organization.  Below are just a few of the comments made by field mentors, over the past three years, about MACU students.

The student was placed in several ministry settings and took initiative and seemed comfortable in them all.  He ministered to people ages 10-80 years old.  I honestly have to remind myself that the student has not been to seminary yet.”   In my experience MACU students have demonstrated a commitment to Scripture, ministry, missions and the local church.”
Pastor Craig Stephans
Church of the Redeemer, Camden, NC

The student was truly excellent in every respect.  This student has brought a real blessing to our church’s ministry to youth, as is indicated by the growth we have experienced. The student was really committed to responsibilities.”
Pastor Steve Bryan
Columbia Christian Church, Columbia, NC

The student is very talented & willing to step up and perform.  He has shown much improvement in preaching and his preaching delivery He preached once every month.
Pastor David K. Jones
Poplar Chapel Church of Christ, Jamesville, NC

The student was well prepared for assignments and exceeded duties in a prompt manner throughout the entirety of his internship… Due to the abundance of passion and energy that the student demonstrated, we feel that the outcome was superior to anything anticipated.
Tom Killian
Mercy Partners, Columbia, NC

The student has a servant’s heart.  He was flexible to help teammates in any capacity that he could. I know he had conversations with many different ethnic groups throughout Queens.”
Pastor Noy Castillo
International Project, New York City

“Our program is multicultural… They all come from different backgrounds, religions… The student experience was one of growth, learning… She grew a trust with them and within a short period of time a sense of belonging.  She managed to fit in regardless of the cultural differences and made a difference in their lives.”
Ms. Susanne McMannen
Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Virginia, Norview Unit, Norfolk, VA

“The internship program at MACU has been a phenomenal blessing to my ministry. Our intern for this summer was competent, trustworthy, and personable. Even more importantly, he had a deep passion for the Kingdom of God that influenced his work. I’m thankful to MACU for building up workers who seek to gain firsthand experience as they prepare for a lifetime of vocational ministry.”
Reed Smith
Northside Christian Church, Yorktown, VA

MACU is proud of all of our students who use their talents and skills as instruments used by God to further His kingdom.