List of Current Funds

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Benjamin H. and Peggy A. Allen Scholarship Fund             

Alumni Scholarship                                                             

Margaret “Jackie” Amick Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Gene Andrews and Lawrence R. Kepler Scholarship Fund               

Anonymous Scholarship                                                      

Donald S. Baker, Sr. and J. Michael Thornton Memorial Married Student Scholarship       

BB&T/Willis Owens/Charles Ward/J. Carroll Abbott Scholarship     

Jimmy and Shelby Bennett Scholarship Fund*

Odis and Ruby Bennett Memorial Scholarship                   

Biker Rally Scholarship for Cross-Cultural Studies

Al Blanton Scholarship                                                        

Boggs Family Scholarship                                                   

Henry and Viola Harrison Bohmer Memorial Scholarship    

George W. BonDurant Scholarship                                     

S. Elizabeth BonDurant Choral Scholarship                        

Sarah Presley BonDurant Scholarship                                

Jack A. Borland Scholarship                                                

Charles L. Braswell Scholarship

McArthur Britt, Jr. Scholarship Fund*

Calvary Christian Church Missions Aviation Scholarship Fund                                         

R. Ainsworth Chapman Biblical Studies Scholarship          

Armand and Rose Cistaro Memorial Fund                         

Class of 1987 Scholarship                                                   

Class of 1993 Scholarship                                                   

Class of 1999 Scholarship

Class of 2004 Scholarship*                                                   

Class of 2008 Scholarship*

Class of 2010 Scholarship*

Ted R. Clifton Scholarship                                                   

Colonial Place Church of Christ Fund                                 

Ronnie L. Comstock Fund                                                    

Cooper Ministry Scholarship                                               

Cooper Missions Scholarship                                              

Vickie Andrews Cox Memorial Scholarship                        

Larry Walter Coyle Memorial Fund                                    

Craven Christian Church Scholarship                                 

D.H. and Sue Crowe Scholarship                                         

J. David Cuthbertson Fund                                                  

Deaf/Hearing Impaired Scholarship                                   

Frankie DeWald Scholarship                                               

Bertha M. Dicks Memorial Scholarship                              

Alva W. Douglas Scholarship Fund                                      

Lucy Duke Memorial Mission Scholarship                          

Joe D and Doris W Eakes Endowed Scholarship Fund            

Eastern Christian College Alumni Scholarship                   

Excellence in Christian Scholarship Fund                           

Fairfield Christian Church Scholarship                               

Lee M Fields Scholarship Fund                                            

Eddie and Elsie Forehand Scholarship Fund                       

Thelma East Forney Memorial Scholarship                        

Fritz/Flint Memorial Scholarship                                        

Frank B. Fuller, Sr. Scholarship Fund                                  

Jake Austin Griffin Memorial Scholarship                          

Howard and Carol Guidry Scholarship Fund                       

Vernon Hall Scholarship                                                      

Etta B. Hardison Scholarship Fund                                      

Loma and Ella Hassell Scholarship Fund

William O. and Lucretia Henderson Scholarship                

Homer and Ruby Hendricks Memorial Scholarship           

Bobby and Jean Higginbotham Scholarship Fund*

Holly Neck Church of Christ Scholarship                            

Ben James Memorial Scholarship                                      

Robert L. Johnson Fund                                                       

Iola P. Keffer Scholarship Fund

Christopher T. Knollenberg Elementary Education Scholarship                                           

Langley Scholastic Fund

Larsen Family Linguistic Scholarship                                                      

Carol J. Laswell Memorial Scholarship                               

Michael Lease Memorial Scholarship                                

Timothy R. Lease Memorial Scholarship                            

Lindsley Scholarship Fund                                                                                                            

W. Edwin Lipscombe Memorial Scholarship Fund                               

The Charles Poindexter and Nelle BonDurant Mabry Scholarship Fund       

Macedonia Christian Church Preaching Scholarship Fund    

Master’s Twelve Scholarship                                              

Matthew Maurice Scholarship Fund*

Frances Mills Memorial Scholarship                                  

Moore Scholarship                                                                         

M.G. Morrisette, Jr. Memorial Scholarship                       

Bedford A. Motley, Jr. Scholarship Fund                             

Robert W. Moulden Fund                                                    

Mt. Holley Scholarship                                                        

Mt. Pleasant Christian Church Scholarship Fund*

Marshall and Viola Murphy Memorial Scholarship           

Music Scholarship                                                               

Dennis Myers Memorial Fund                                            

North Pointe Christian Church Scholarship Fund                

Northampton Church of Christ Scholarship Fund               

Oak Grove Christian Church Fund                                      

Owney Memorial Scholarship                                            

The Perennial Fund                                                             

Presidential Merit Scholarship                                           

C.G. and Edith Presley Preaching Scholarship                    

Grace Presley Scholarship Fund                                          

Pearl A. Presley Sacred Music Scholarship                         

Pressley Fund                                                                      

Jack and Rea Pressley Music Scholarship Fund

Dr. Dennis Pruett Memorial Fund                  

B. Neal and Egypt P. Puckett Scholarship                           

Doug Ragsdale Scholarship                                                 

Raymond Family Scholarship                                              

Rehoboth Victory Christian Church “A Place of Another Chance” Fund        

Saunders Revels Family Scholarship                                   

Lloyd E. Robbins Memorial Scholarship                             

Jennifer Norris Russell Scholarship                                     

Robert L. Russell Preaching Scholarship                             

Sidney and Elizabeth Sadler Memorial Scholarship Fund  

Jonathan B. Sawyer Memorial Scholarship                        

Jonathan Schipper Memorial Scholarship                          

A. E. Schlieser Memorial Scholarship                                 

Donna Scott Memorial Scholarship                                    

John and Helen Scott Cross-Cultural Scholarship Fund      

Mildred M. Sechrest Scholarship

J.T. and Addie Maye Segroves Scholarship                         

Seniors by the Sea Scholarship

Russell M. (Russ) & Betty L. (Bet) Smith Preaching Scholarship       

Melvin and Dorothy Styons Fund                                        

Taylor Scholarship Fund                                                      

Trustees Fund                                                                      

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship                                       

Ann Warren Memorial Scholarship                                    

Sadie Weathersbee Scholarship Fund                                 

John P. and Jean B. West  Scholarship Fund                       

Gerald and Joan Wilgus Scholarship Fund                          

Polly Winslow Memorial Scholarship                                 

Harley T. Wood Scholarship                                                

Guy and Dot Woolard Memorial Scholarship Fund            

Leroy and Sally Woolard Fund                                            


STAFF/FACULTY SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS                                

BB&T/Willis Owens/Charles Ward/J. Carroll Abbott Scholarship     

H. Clay Ferebee, III Memorial Fund                                    

Jack Hardy Memorial Fund                                                 

The George M. and Louise B. Lecka Fund                          

M.G. Morrisette, Jr. Faculty/Staff Scholarship                   

Perkins Fund                                                                        


MISSION FUNDS                                         

Alligood Endowment Fund

Hilton and Merle Chesson Fund                                          

Charles Clay Memorial Fund                                              

ECC, INC Fund                                                                     

John and Lucille Griffin Fund                                              

William A. and Patricia S. Griffin Fund                               

M.G. Morrisette, Jr. College Mission Fund                         


MISCELLANEOUS FUNDS                                                    

Christian Scholarship Promotion Fund*

CICM Sister School Fund: Legacy Berea Church of Christ

Deaf Studies Fund                                                               

Greene Library Fund                                                           

Men for Ministry Fund                                                        

Lamira Slagle Library Fund                                                 

John Harold and Janie Swindell Fund                                  

Hilda S. Watson Memorial Fund                                         

Worship and Music Fund      


*indicates a fund has not reached the minimum to be awarded.