Microsoft Home Use Program


Microsoft Office Pro 2013 (Windows) or Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac) is available to MACU employees at the cost of $10. If purchased, you will be able to download Office and install it. If needed/desired, you can purchase a back-up DVD. 

Who is eligible?

All active employees that use the covered licenses at work are eligible to purchase Office for home use. 

Eligibility terminates with end of employment or if the University terminates its agreement with Microsoft. 

How Many?

  • Each employee can purchase a single license.  
  • You can install Office on up to 2 computers.  
  • If you purchase a copy and lose your licensing information, you will not be able to purchase another copy through MACU’s program. This is a condition imposed by Microsoft.   

How do I purchase my copy?

  • Visit
  • Enter your MACU email address
  • Enter MACU’s program code
  • Confirmation will be sent to your MACU email address
  • Proceed through the checkout process 

Program Code?

Contact the Office of Information ( for MACU’s program code. 

Note: This program code is assigned to our university for our sole use in accessing this site. You may not share this number with anyone outside the university.


For technical support while using the Home Use program, please consult Microsoft’s official Home Use FAQ: