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The needs of someone who has been sexually assaulted vary from person to person and may vary over time. The University offers a diverse array of services and external resources, many of which may be accessed 24 hours a day, so that a person may choose what she or he would find most helpful and healing.

Albemarle Hospital:

(252) 335-0531, 1144 N. Road Street Elizabeth City, NC (24 Hours)

The Albemarle Hospital Emergency Room follows specific policies and procedures, approved by the State in treating an individual who has been sexually assaulted. The State may pay for emergency room care for victims who have been sexually assaulted and do not have health insurance; if a victim provides health insurance information to the emergency room, the emergency room will bill the insurance company and the policyholder will be notified as usual.

  • The victim is placed in a private room.
  • Medical care is given as soon as possible.
  • By law, city police are notified, and the victim may choose to file a report.

Elizabeth City Police Department:

(252) 335-4321, 302 East Colonial Ave. Elizabeth City, NC (24 Hours)

The Elizabeth City Police Department urges anyone who has been sexually assaulted to call immediately in order to strengthen the likelihood of successful prosecution. ECPD can be contacted by dialing 9-1-1.  Responsibilities of the ECPD include:

  • Attending to the immediate needs of the victim, including personal safety and prompt medical care
  • When appropriate, broadcasting a description of the offender

Albemarle Hopeline:

(252) 338-5338

Albemarle Hopeline is a private, non-profit organization that provides comprehensive direct and preventative services to victims or family violence, sexual assault, and teen dating violence in the counties of Pasquotank, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Perquimans, and Gates.

Albemarle Hopeline offers:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Counseling
  • Court Advocacy
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Prevention Education
  • Information and Referrals

Student Life Department and Student Services:

(252) 334-2073, (252) 334-2043, (252) 334-2019.

At any time, students may contact a Student Life Representative who is trained to respond to sexual assault emergencies. A student may contact this representative even if he or she has not decided yet whether to report the sexual assault to the police. The Student Life Representative is available to answer any general or personal questions related to sexual assault and can help with:

  • Finding emotional support
  • Getting medical care
  • Reporting the crime to the police
  • Preserving evidence, and, if you wish, pressing charges
  • Adjusting living arrangements
  • Managing academic obligations
  • Getting counseling
  • Referring to outside sources

University Counseling Services:

(252) 334-2084 or (252) 334-2038.

MACU University Counseling Services (“UCS”) has two on campus counselors who can work with students who have gone through an experience of sexual assault or who have questions about relationships and sexuality. Consultation with a staff member is available in person during regular business hours.