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Pipkin Returns to Coach Women’s Volleyball

Sep 21, 2012 | News, Staff/Faculty

Elizabeth City, NC – September 14, 2012 – Mid Atlantic Christian University announces the hiring of Paul Pipkin to coach women’s volleyball when the sport is reintroduced in the fall of 2013. Pipkin was the women’s volleyball coach when MACU accumulated five straight conference championships from 2004 to 2008. Dr. Ken Greene, Vice President for Student Services, said this announcement “demonstrates a renewed commitment to increase athletic opportunities for students desiring the opportunity to play while receiving a solid values-based education.”

Coach Pipkin is locally connected having graduated from Northeastern and having attended COA. He has worked in Elizabeth City and Camden most of his life. In addition to his knowledge of the game, Coach Pipkin has a deep love for women’s volleyball, and both of his daughters have played competitively for Camden High School.

President Clay Perkins said, “We welcome Coach Pipkin’s return. His leadership led our women to many victories before. We look forward to seeing them succeed again as we resume the volleyball program.”

MACU will be aggressively recruiting quality players who desire to be a vital part of a faith based university. Vice President Greene said, “We are seeking women excelling in volleyball, desiring to successfully complete one of our many degree programs, and with high character. Those who seek to excel in the classroom and on the court and also be an integral part of MACU’s ‘missional mindset’ of investing in our local community are prime candidates.”

“We have already started receiving interest from young ladies all over the country, and we know that being settled with a coach will only increase the rate of recruitment,” Athletic Director Neal Alligood said.

He added, “I have personally had a long-standing relationship with Coach Pipkin and his family.  I respect his knowledge and understanding of the game and know he will be a great addition to our program.  I look forward to working alongside of him and watching our women’s volleyball program flourish under his guidance.”

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