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MACU’s Official COVID-19 Update Oct 1, 2020

Oct 1, 2020 | COVID Updates, News

From the Office of President John Maurice.

MACU Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

MACU has received its first known confirmed cases of COVID-19. Testing continues as we follow contact tracing practices to narrow direct contacts.

Privacy Statement

To protect individuals’ private health information, MACU will not identify employees or students diagnosed with COVID-19.

MACU’s Response

The safety of our students and employees is our number one priority. All confirmed and suspected cases will be quarantined in accordance with health department guidelines. Our campus will currently remain open with options for students to remain on campus and utilize online or classroom settings.

We are working closely with local health department officials to ensure that those who may have come in contact with individuals testing positive for COVID-19 are given direction for appropriate steps to take. To learn the current number of COVID-19 cases for our county, Pasquotank, call Albemarle Regional Health Services (252) 338-4460.

How to Report a Positive Diagnosis

If you are experiencing symptoms, you should not report to work or class and should contact your health care provider.

Students with a confirmed case of the COVID-19 infection, suspected infection, or exposure are required to report status. Employees should notify their supervisor by email or phone if they are feeling ill.

Planning for Health and Safety

Individuals may review our detailed procedures for life at MACU in a COVID environment by following this link (Life at MACU: Post COVID-19).

This is a team effort. Everyone who is a part of the MACU community will need to exhibit patience and understanding as the university community navigates the realities of our current health crisis. The university community recognizes that this must be done well. The university hears the call from various individuals for on-campus classes. For this opportunity to be maintained, everyone who is part of the MACU community will need to make sacrifices. This is a great opportunity to practice selflessness. This is a great opportunity to model Jesus.

The Apostle Paul in Philippians 2 teaches us that Jesus chose to forgo certain rights and privileges of deity for the sake of becoming human. The university is asking for a similar mentality. The needs of others must be made a priority over personal rights and comforts.

For our students: In the moment, this turn of events comes across as another hurdle of great frustration in trying to live life and do what God has called us to do. In a few years we will look back on this and see how we are so much greater because of what we have been allowed to experience. You might be tired. Hold your head up. Run the race that has been set before us. We will do this. We will do this, together.