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MACU’s Official Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update July 8, 2020

Jul 8, 2020 | COVID Updates, News

COVID-19 Update from Mid-Atlantic Christian University

This summer administrators, faculty, and staff have been hard at work planning for a new school year given the realities of our national health crisis.  By following this link (Life at MACU: Post COVID-19) individuals can access how we have prepared for students to live on campus and classes to begin meeting in early August. We have tried to anticipate most of the major considerations for life on our campus.  We may have overlooked some areas.  There are a few areas that we haven’t formalized parameters for usage (e.g., open gym or weight room) and those guidelines will be announced later this month.

What we have put together is our best effort to create as safe of an environment as we are able, in order to limit the chances of exposure to COVID-19 for everyone on our campus (students and employees).  Once everyone is back and we see how things work, we anticipate that there will be tweaks to this plan.  We will also have to be responsive to any future guidance or directives established by federal, state, or local government agencies.

This is a team effort.  Everyone who is a part of the MACU community will need to exhibit patience and understanding as the university community navigates the realities of our current health crisis. The university community recognizes that this must be done well.  The university hears the call from various individuals to resume on-campus classes.  For this to happen everyone who is part of the MACU community will need to make sacrifices.  This will be a great opportunity to practice selflessness.  This will be a great opportunity to model Jesus.

The Apostle Paul in Philippians 2 teaches us that Jesus chose to forgo certain rights and privileges of deity for the sake of becoming human.  The university is asking for a similar mentality.  The needs of others must be made a priority over personal rights and comforts.

For our continuing students we are excited to see you again, soon.  For our new students we are excited to welcome you to our community.