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MACU Update 4/26/2021

Apr 26, 2021 | News

At 8:00 this morning the City of Elizabeth City declared a State of Emergency out of precaution for the safety and well-being of our citizens as a preemptive measure of safety as information being released about last week’s shooting resulting in the death of Mr. Andrew Brown, Jr. is released.  Because of this declaration the three institutions of higher education (COA, ECSU & MACU) have adopted a unified response to keep students and faculty/staff safe.  Effective immediately …

1) Classes for Monday and Tuesday are cancelled.

2) All employees that are able to work virtually from home are asked to do so until the State of Emergency is lifted. Personnel that choose to come to campus should be aware of their travel routes and any public disturbances in order to avoid those areas.  The city anticipates potential problem areas to be around county offices that are located downtown and other areas downtown and along Ehringhaus.

3) Students are required to move out of the residence halls by Tuesday at noon and return home or somewhere outside of Elizabeth City.

4) Classes will be held virtually Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Instructors will provide students with Zoom information.

5) Students who have transportation challenges and are unable to leave Elizabeth City by Tuesday at noon are to contact Beth Cross immediately to work out a solution keeping in mind everyone’s safety.

6) Final exams will happen as scheduled, but they will be virtual.

7) We anticipate that Commencement will be able to happen as scheduled, in Elizabeth City.  However, ultimately, this decision will depend upon what happens over the next week and a half.  We will communicate with graduates as we know how to proceed.

**Please monitor your MACU email frequently as this is our official means of communication.

 This is an unprecedented time for Elizabeth City.  We have not made this decision lightly.  But we believe that the response is necessary in an effort to keep everyone safe with so many unknowns.  We trust that everyone will pray for Elizabeth City. There are no words to describe how this school year has unfolded.  From dealing with COVID and a collapsed building to now the potential for civil unrest.  We know that none of this has caught God off guard.  We seek his wisdom.  We rest in his comfort.

We love you and there is no greater responsibility your parents have entrusted us with than your safety and well being.