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In accordance with Clery Act, Mid-Atlantic Christian University must maintain a daily fire log (34 C.F.R § 668.49(d)).  

A fire is defined as an instance of open flame in a location that is not intended to contain a fire or allows a fire to burn in an uncontrolled manner (HEA Title IV , Part G, Section 485(i)).  Additionally, fires that were previously extinguished must also be reported

The daily fire log contains:

  1. Any instances of fires
  2. The date the fire was reported
  3. The nature of the fire
  4. The date of the fire
  5. The time of the fire
  6. The general location of the fire (do not report personally identifiable information(e.g. if the fire is located in the residence hall, do not report the specific room number)

In accordance with Clery Act, the University ensures that entries are made to the fire log within two business days of receiving a report (34 C.F.R § 668.46(a)).

The most recent 60-day period of the fire log is readily open to public inspection during normal operating hours for the University.  The University also makes entries into the fire log that are older than 60 days available for public inspection within two business days of receiving a request.  The fire logs from the last most recent calendar years can be viewed by visiting the Student Life Department.

Finally, the University makes an annual disclosure to the entire campus community on fires recorded in the fire log.