Emergency Text Messages

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Students, staff, and faculty who have not signed up for the University Emergency Notification System are encouraged to do so immediately.

MACU has an emergency notification system to inform students of university closings, weather concerns and other items that they feel are in “an immediate need to know” circumstance.

Students, staff and faculty will be notified by voice mail and can opt to receive a text message as well.

In order to receive a text message, individuals must OPT IN. The OPT IN requirement is required by the cell service providers. Those opting to use the service will be charged standard text messaging rates for all texts you receive from our emergency provider One Call Now.

Students, staff and faculty will be receiving a call from our Notification System (One Call Now) regarding text messages.

Text the word “Alert” to 22300 to subscribe.

Contact itsupport@macuniversity.edu for more information.