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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Here are some steps to help you get started on your financial aid journey.

1.  Apply and Be Accepted to MACU

Official financial aid packages will be awarded once the student has been accepted for admission.  To apply for admission to MACU, please click on APPLY.  We encourage students to begin the financial aid process once you have started your application.

2. Get Your FSA ID

Your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID is a username and password combination used to log in to the Department of Education systems to complete your FAFSA.  This is also used to confirm a student/ guardian’s identity.  Each student and guardian will have their own FSA ID and password.  To create your FSA ID, please click on FSA ID.

3.  File Your FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the gateway to most financial aid opportunities.  This application opens each October 1 and needs to be completed each year.  To get started on your FAFSA go to, log in with your FSA ID, and be sure to add MACU to your school selection (code: 014101).

4.  North Carolina Residency

The state of North Carolina offers eligible students a NC Need Based Scholarship.  Residents of NC should   complete the residency form by going to to see if they qualify for this state scholarship.  Directions and instructions can be found on their website.

5.  Apply for MACU Scholarships

Scholarships are the biggest way MACU can support you and your college investment.  MACU has scholarships that meet most student’s situations as we give out 250+ scholarships each year.  Please click on Scholarships to read more about the scholarships we have to offer.

6.  Outside Support

Your college degree is an important investment and there are organizations that help students pay for college.  Many civic organizations, community groups, churches, and outside scholarship website searches offer scholarships.  Check with your guidance/ college and career counselor or our office for some options.

Students and parents can also utilize private loan companies to assist with student finances.  Please reach out to the Financial Aid Office for more information on private loans or the Parent PLUS Loan.

 7.  Complete Student Loan Process

Student loans are one way to help you pay for college.  By completing your FAFSA, most students are offered loans through the federal government.  If you choose to use these loans, the borrower must complete a Master Promissory Note, Loan Entrance Counseling, and Annual Loan Acknowledgement.  All of these can be done by clicking on the items above or going to  You will use your FSA ID and password to login.

8.  Notify MACU

Please notify the MACU Financial Aid Office of any outside or private scholarships, grants or loans that you receive.