Upon successfully completing the programs of study, undergraduates in the teacher education program will be eligible to receive a Bachelor of Science degree.

MACU does not confer a teaching license. These programs have been approved by the NC Department of Public Instruction as fulfilling the educational requirements in seeking a teaching license in NC. A list of approved programs by the NC Department of Public Instruction may be found here.

All education courses, field experiences and passing scores on the NC licensure exams are required in order to apply for a NC teaching license.

Professional Teacher Licensure Disclosure determination for Elementary Education may be found HERE

Professional Teacher Licensure Disclosure determination for Science Education may be found HERE


Contact information for each state’s Board of Education can be found at

Please contact the director of teacher education, Dr. Beth Strecker, for more information at 252.334.2000, or email at, or mail at 715 N Poindexter Street, Elizabeth City, NC 27909.

While the teacher education programs are not intended to be completed via distance education, some coursework may be completed through that medium. Students that have concerns/complaints about the delivery of online courses are advised to follow the guidance found here. The university’s student complaint process for matters unrelated to distance education may be found here.


NC Licensure Process

During the student teaching term the teacher candidate needs to complete and gather the following:

  1. An Application for licensure.
  2. An official trancript from the registrar’s office.
  3. “Form A,” which is required for licensure. Complete it carefully and submit it at the online licensure link at
  4. “Form V,” which is required for licensure. The instructions on the bottom of the form tell you to mail it, but you will be uploading it to the online licensure link.
  5. “Form OS” signed by the director of teacher education before uploading the completed form to the online licensure site.
  6. Payment must be made online. The cost is $55.

To request a NC teaching license, follow the directions on the NC Public Schools website. The director of teacher licensure will assist you with signatures and/or documentation as needed. 

Teaching Out of State

Candidates may however seek licensure in other states through reciprocity or completion of state licensure requirements inclusive of coursework and/or state exams as determined. Those seeking licensure requirement completion should contact MACU to discuss licensure options prior to enrollment. MACU attempts to keep all links current; however, links change without notice.

Many candidates choose to teach somewhere besides North Carolina. Once a candidate is eligible for and receives a North Carolina teaching license, it will make it easier for a candidate to work in another state. North Carolina has reciprocity with 36 other states. By definition, this means the state will honor the North Carolina teaching license, but candidates may be required to take additional testing or meet another licensure requirement. However, candidates are typically given a year or so to fulfill these requirements while teaching.

Students should understand that there is no automatic licensure reciprocity between states. MACU will verify the completion of an approved, accredited program for candidates who seek employment out of state, and those candidates will be responsible for working with the receiving state to complete any additional requirements needed to obtain the license for employment.

It is important to note some particulars for states listed below.

  • Massachusetts requires the MTEL tests for elementary education. Those who are seeking elementary education licensure in North Carolina may take the Massachusetts versions of the Foundations of Reading and the Mathematics subtests. This will allow candidates to “count these tests twice.”
  • While North Carolina does not have reciprocity with New York, we have graduates who have taught in New York State successfully, porting their North Carolina license and fulfilling a few other requirements —just like in states with reciprocity.

Candidates who plan to teach outside of North Carolina, can find more information about Teacher Reciprocity Agreements here.  To Learn more about obtaining Teacher certification please click on the link.