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As part of Mid-Atlantic Christian University’s vision 2020, sister school agreements have already been concluded with two schools, both in Asia. 

Each agreement is tailored to the needs of the institutions involved, but there are elements in common. For example, MACU professors are urged to become visiting professors at our sister schools, and we urge faculty at sister schools to teach or study at MACU. We encourage an exchange of students, urging our students to do internships at sister school campuses, and seeking students from those schools as our students. In addition, we expect an exchange of literature, with surplus library books at MACU becoming available for sister school’s libraries, and translation of materials available at one institution to be made available to the other institution where appropriate.

The sister school agreements are intended to be a genuine partnership with both sides benefiting, and neither side dominating in the relationship. All institutions involved remain autonomous, with unique goals and objectives. The sister school agreements are intended to enhance the achievement of those goals through synergistic relationships across the globe.

Central India Biblical Academy

The agreement with Central India Biblical Academy was signed in Elizabeth City in 2010 and in Damoh, India with Central India Biblical Academy in 2011.


 Maesot Biblical Training Center

The agreement with Maeson Biblical Training Center was signed in Elizabeth City with Maesot Biblical Training Center in 2011 and in Maesot, Thailand in 2013.