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6 Perks of Attending a Christian College

Jan 31, 2022 | Blog, Christian College Experience, Featured

If you’re a student feeling overwhelmed by deciding if a Christian college is right for you, we understand! It’s a lot to sort through. 

Here’s our take on it.

Attending a Christian college is an intentional way for you to combine your faith with your future. For four years, you will dig into your major, make lifelong friends, develop professionally and grow deeper in your faith in Christ.

Choosing a Christian college is more than just choosing a place to earn a degree—it’s choosing a Christ-centered community that will encourage you in every aspect of your life.

Check out six benefits of attending a Christian college:

1. Integrate your faith with your studies.

One of the best things about a Christian college is that you don’t have to compartmentalize your life. General education Bible courses will reiterate and grow your knowledge of the Word. But, a faith-based education doesn’t stop there.

Each of your courses—whether in business, art or science—at a Christian college will be supported by a biblical worldview. Sometimes that means having a professor who opens each class in prayer. Other times it means diving into what the Bible says about a certain subject.

The bottom line? A biblical education will not only prepare you for a successful career, but for a Christ-centered life.

2. Be a part of a strong community.  

There’s just something about doing college life with a community of like-minded believers.

From the day you move into your freshman dorm, you will probably feel an immediate sense of belonging. That doesn’t necessarily mean that each day will be smooth sailing—because, realistically, we’re all imperfect humans. But, it does mean that your peers and professors hold similar beliefs and values, and that is a great foundation to have. 

On top of that, you will find smaller class sizes at most Christian colleges. That’s a great asset! Why? Smaller class sizes mean you benefit from unique instruction from your professors as well as closer connections with your fellow classmates.

The best part? Due to the close-knit feel of each of your classes, these individuals will become your true community.

3. Learn from invested faculty.

It always feels good to feel seen and supported. At a Christian college, you can count on your professors to be truly invested in you, both personally and professionally.

They will know you by name, help you grow in your goals, encourage you in your faith, and even become mentors to you as you pursue your calling.

This means professors often devote time to their students outside of the classroom. It’s not uncommon to see professors grabbing coffee with students in between classes or sitting down for a meal together in the dining hall!

Your professors will also become your references. Because they have the opportunity to get to know you personally within the context of smaller classes, you can feel confident in having genuine professional references as you begin applying for internships and post-graduation positions.    

4. Grow in your faith.

One of the chief benefits of attending a Christian college is immersing yourself in a Christ-centered environment. Your faith is strengthened simply by doing life alongside mentors and peers who share your beliefs. You won’t be doing it alone.

And, you’ll have faith-building extracurriculars at your fingertips. Participate in a worship night with your dorm, a Bible study with your friends, campus-wide chapel services and more! Really, everything on campus relates back to Christ to help you grow in your faith.

5. Serve others.

Christian colleges offer many opportunities for you to give back to others. Whatever college town you find yourself in, you will likely have several local service opportunities.

Some examples include volunteering at a food shelter, retirement home, church or after-school program for kids. Chances are, many of your fellow classmates would love to join you in finding a place in the community to get plugged in!

Another great way to serve others is through mission trips. Christian colleges typically organize both domestic and global mission opportunities. Some are open to anyone, while others may be program specific—but they all offer the chance to minister to others and spread the love of Christ.         

6. Build a life of purpose.

We’re willing to bet if you had to choose between working “just a job” and working a job that had an impact on the world, you would choose the latter. Attending a Christian college is a great way to truly discover how you can marry your passion to your bigger purpose in life.

After graduation, you may find yourself running your own business, managing a team of employees, teaching children, completing scientific research, performing on stage, treating patients, overseeing a Fortune 500 company—or anything in between!

The lessons you learned, values you fortified and faith you built at a Christian college will be what helps you make a lasting impact with your career.

You have a purpose. Live it out.

Why choose Mid-Atlantic Christian University?

A Christian college offers many benefits that can leave a lasting, positive impact. For many, that impact is for life.

Mid-Atlantic Christian University is a faith-based institution that is passionate about impacting the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders. At MACU, you will find a close-knit community, intentional faculty, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and so much more. 

If you’re looking for the right school to pursue a Christian college education, MACU may be a great fit for you.

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