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3 New Academic Programs Coming Fall 2019

Nov 27, 2018 | Academic News, News

MACU is pleased to announce that for Fall 2019 the university intends to offer 3 new academic programs.

1) Major in Biopsychology

Biopsychology (also known as biological psychology or behavioral neuroscience) is an interdepartmental major for the study of the biological and physiological foundations of emotional, mental, and behavioral systems. Students will study the links between biology, chemistry, and psychology, especially those involving the central nervous system at the cellular and structural level. Biopsychology students explore the intricacies of brain circuitry, learning how neurons and neurotransmitters contribute to normal and abnormal behavior. With this foundation, students can begin pursuing expertise in a variety of areas – studying the brain from a chemical, cellular, genetic, developmental, behavioral, cognitive, or social behavior perspective. This is an attempt to isolate our “nature” (our biology and genetic make-up) from our “nurture” (our environmental conditioning) so that we can better understand the roles that nature and nurture each play in the formation of our behavioral patterns.

Our faith-based biopsychology degree program is designed to engage the area of neuroscience with a Christian critique, discernment and dialogue, thereby advancing MACU’s mission of training students to be used by God to engage and transform modern culture. The current academic climate in the biopsychology field is strongly reflective of evolutionary and reductionist philosophy, which claims a naturalistic explanation for all biological and behavioral phenomena. At MACU, we want to join the conversation and bring the reality of a creator God to bear on the explanations of mind and body.

If you are interested in the biological basis of human and animal behavior, and underlying psychological processes, such as learning, memory, perception, attention, motivation, emotion, and cognition, then you are well suited for the versatility of a degree in biopsychology.

As a graduate of the biopsychology program, individuals will be equipped to secure positions such as: Graduate student in neuroscience, psychology, occupational therapist, or public health; Medical school student; Pharmacy technician; Laboratory and research tech; Genetic counselor; Animal behaviorist; Substance Abuse Counselor; Wildlife manager; Positions in science-related business, sales and law.

2) Human Resource Management Concentration within the existing Business Administration Major

Students in the current Business Administration Major are asked to choose between two concentrations: Organizational Leadership or Sport Management.  Each of these concentrations are comprised of 4 courses.  Beginning Fall 2019 students may choose a third option: Human Resource Management. The HRM concentration is comprised of 4 courses related to topics essential for someone working in human resources (compensation management, staffing organizations, employment law, training and development).  Some examples of careers include, but are not limited to the following: Human Resource Assistant, Recruiter, Labor Relations Specialist, Human Resource Manager, Employee Benefits Manager, Training and Development Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Compensation Analyst, Human Resources Consultant, Job Analyst.

3) Preaching Concentration within the existing Ministry Major (or Preaching Minor)

Students in the current Ministry Major may choose to fill 12 hours of electives in the area of preaching. Courses will include Preaching Practicum, Expository Preaching, Preaching Literary Genres of the Bible, Topics in Preaching.  Students in any other degree program may choose to add a minor in preaching (the minor will include the 4 aforementioned courses plus Introduction to Preaching).

Prospective students should contact the university’s admissions office for more details.