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University announces Fall 2012 Dean’s List

Dec 29, 2012 | Academic News, News

The Dean’s List is comprised of full-time students (12 or more credit hours) whose semester GPA is 3.500 or above. Students achieving a 4.000 are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Joshua S. Bondy*

Sarah A. Carpenito

Christopher B. Cherry

Bryan E. Cooper

Olivia G. Crehan

Lauren E. Deveau

Amanda L. Kight*

Tiffany J. Kriss

Crystal A. Lamb

Ronald E. Lawrence

Kyle Layfield

Brandon L. Lewis

Abigail R. Minchella

Rebecca F. Nelson

Matthew L. Proffitt

Antonio D. Rook

Ashley E. Rose

Jacob T. Smith

William E. Tanner

Sarah J. White*