Student Laptop Program FAQ’s

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Am I required to have a laptop?

Yes, all undergraduates are required to bring a laptop that meets the established minimum requirements. Desktops and tablets, including iPads and other light devices are not viable as primary academic computing devices.

Why buy through the Student Laptop Program?

Negotiated prices, performance reliability, network connections, support for repairs, loaner laptops, and software. View more details about Student Laptop Program here, or contact or 252-334-2010.

What are the minimum laptop requirements? 

Minimum laptop requirements are updated each academic year. To stay current on the minimum requirements please visit this link.

Who can buy a university laptop? 

Anyone affiliated with the university, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni can purchase a laptop through the Student Laptop Program.

When can new students purchase?

Once you have accepted and registered for classes you are eligible to enroll in the Student Laptop Program. Purchasing is open all year long.

When will I receive my laptop?

Laptops will be shipped to campus and ready to pick up during orientation week.  Announcements of location and time will be sent to your university email.

What if I want to bring my own device (BYOD)?

While we can assist in testing your device, we cannot ensure that it will meet all the compatibility requirements with the academic software as well as the multimedia and AV devices in the classrooms. To learn more about the limitations of support for BYODs visit the BYOD Requirements article. Also, any student that BYOD must complete a request form to opt out the program and must provide require documentation.

Does MACU have computer labs?

There are no general computer labs on our campus. There are a few computers in the library that will be available to students during campus hours.

How does purchasing laptops work for transfer students?

Transfer students have the same requirements for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and access to the Student Laptop Program.

What does laptop warranty cover?  

Lenovo Premier Support covers:

  • Liquid spills on or in the laptop
  • Drops, falls, and other collisions
  • Electrical surge
  • Damaged or broken LCD due to an accident

What does Lenovo Premier support NOT cover?

  • Batteries, light bulbs, memory disks, wire connections, AC adapters, carrying cases, or the digitizer pen.
  • Software and virus issues are not covered
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, cracks that do not affect the machine functionality)
  • Damage from abuse, misuses, or unauthorized modification
  • Theft, loss, damage from fire, flood, natural disaster, war, terrorism, acts of God or other events outside the reasonable control of the part

Do I buy my own software, such as Microsoft Office?

No. All student laptops will be preloaded with Microsoft Office,

Can I install my own software on a MACU laptop?  


How do I print?  

Students have access to printers located in the Watson-Griffith Library and on the 1st floor of PAP Lobby.

What if my laptop is stolen?

Because you own your laptop, the university is not responsible for replacing stolen laptops. Never leave your laptop unattended. We strongly encourage you to add your laptop to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.