Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Virtual Private Networking is a method by which a user can access an organization’s internal network over the Internet in a secure and encrypted manner. A VPN provides users who are not on that internal network, secure access to resources inside the network. This is done by creating tunnels that wrap data packets destined for the internal network and then encrypting those packets to send them across the Internet.

That’s great, so why should I use MACU’s VPN service?

By using MACU’s VPN service you can access resources that are only available on campus from the comfort of your own home–print services, network drives, and services that require MACU network access. You don’t necessarily have to be at home either: MACU’s VPN service can be accessed from anywhere in the world, any time of day or night.

All users of the MACU VPN service are subject to MACU’s Acceptable Usage Policy

Who can use MACU’s VPN Services?

VPN services are limited to MACU Faculty and Staff.

OK I’m sold. How do I get connected?

Most importantly, how you connect depends on whether you have administrator access on your computer. If OIT staff administers your computer, you will need to contact them to install the VPN client for you. Contact for questions and assistance.