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North Carolina
Posted 4 years ago

Job Description for Media Coordinator

 Status: Part-time

Mission of Happy Home Church:

To develop people into mature followers of Christ who are equipped and empowered to multiply.

General Purpose for this position:

To develop mature followers of Christ by creating and managing a team of leaders who strategically develop a media presence that not only grows our community of believers but reaches out to the lost.

Organizational Relationship and Supervision:

The Media Coordinator reports to the Connections Director for ministry guidance.


  1. Embraces and live outs Christian values and disciplines.
  2. Agrees to fulfill the mission and vision of Happy Home Church.
  3. Agrees with the doctrine and manual of the IPHC.
  4. Proficient within the areas of social media, website development, and app development.
  5. Ability to effectively recruit and lead volunteers/leaders through planning, developing, delegating, managing, and implementing.
  6. Disciplined in fulfilling responsibilities.
  7. Creative in teaching others.
  8. Good written and verbal communication skills.
  9. Works well with diverse individuals and teams of volunteers.
  10. Good conflict management skills.
  11. Prompt.
  12. Teachable and seeks to learn.


  1. Oversee the Media Department which consists of the social media team and website and app team.
  2. Recruit leaders to join the Media Department.
  3. Mentor and teach those who are in the Media Department.
  4. Provide ongoing training to the leaders.
  5. Coordinate and delegate responsibilities to leaders, so they strategically develop a media presence that not only grows our community of believers but reaches out to the lost.
  6. Hold leaders in the Media Department accountable to fulfill responsibilities, effectively communicate, and arrive on time.
  7. Communicate to the leaders in the Media Department on a regular basis, so they know their responsibilities and receive help from the Media Coordinator if need.
  8. Evaluate the leaders in the Media Department on a quarterly basis (every three months).
  9. Attend weekly or biweekly leadership meetings and report progress to Executive Pastor.
  10. Schedule and facilitate quarterly (every three months) meetings with leaders in the Media Department to address where you are at, where you need go, and how to get there.
  11. Do a self-assessment and meet with Connections Director once a year.
  12. Participate in training provided by Connections Director.
  13. Arrive on time to meetings, services, and meetings.
  14. Seek to continually grow spiritually and mentally in the area of expertise through podcasts, videos, books, websites, conferences, etc.
  15. Passionately purse the growth of Happy Home church and specifically the Media Department.

Please email me your resume and cover letter to Lead Pastor: Walter Byrum Email:
Happy Home Church is located at 534 Happy Home Road Tyner NC 27890



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