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Nestled in the rolling countryside of Harrison Co. Kentucky you will find Indian Creek Christian Church.  A faith community that has been in existence since 1803 and birthed under the influence of Barton W. Stone.  Indian Creek is steeped in the history of the Restoration Movement and happens to only be 25 miles from the site of the Cane Ridge Revival.  This history has allowed Indian Creek to be a constant spiritual presence in Harrison, Bourbon, and Nicholas Counties, and allowed hundreds of families to come to know Jesus over their 220 years of existence.

Because of this history and lineage in the Restoration Movement, you will notice on your first Sunday a smiling and engaging group of people that call Indian Creek their spiritual home.  You will shake hands with individuals that are new to the faith and freshly following Jesus all the way to families that have a lineage that stretches back to being founding members when the church was first planted.   We like to eat together and spend time living life alongside each other as well.  We are looking forward to you joining that way of life with us too.

As you step into the auditorium for worship, you will see many people with bibles open and ready to study scripture with you.  The Indian Creek church family prides themselves on walking toward God daily and are excited to for you to join them as they seek to take the name of Jesus to the tri-county area.

Cynthiana is the county seat and a wonderful place to put down roots.  The city itself was founded as an agricultural center and still pays homage to that history with many functioning farms, historical markers, and events.  We would love for you to come and be a part of this tight knit rural community and link arms with us to ensure that “All have heard.”

Character Requirements

Indian Creek Christian Church in Cynthiana, KY is in search of a biblically grounded, faithfully firm individual to lead our Student Ministry.  If you see yourself as having the heart of a teacher, a gifted communicator, and having a passion to see middle and high school students come to know Jesus, we want to talk to you!  When you describe yourself to someone, if you happen to use words like lifelong learner, servant leader, relational, and spiritual guide then you may be the individual that we are looking for.

General Expectations

When you look at the staff and performance of each individual ministry, you will see a benchmark that each one of your future teammates is holding themselves to.  For your new role here, these expectations or benchmarks could be anything from living directly in the Harrison Co community, holding regular office hours to active community involvement.  We pride ourselves on being a close family and want to make sure that we are caring for our current family members as well as seeking and welcoming new family members into the church.

General Ministry Responsibilities 

For Indian Creek’s new Student Minister, your potential responsibilities could include discipling the youth on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, creating and implementing an effective communication strategy with parents and students or being present at a student’s school event.  As our new Student Minister, we would look to you to have your finger on the pulse of current youth culture and how best to lead students to know Jesus.

Currently, you will have the ability to lead the Sunday morning youth bible studies as well as oversee and lead the student groups on Wednesday nights where you will find the entire church sharing a meal together before all ages head off to the meeting rooms for their discipleship time.

What we are bringing to the table 

On your first day in the office, you will notice that all of the ministerial offices are located in an office suite.  You will get the use of your own private office for you to create lessons, close the door and pray for the church family or meet with individuals for counseling.  In your new office is a computer for you to use with current versions of Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office programs.  No need to worry about going and finding a desk or other office equipment, we have you covered with all of that ready for when you arrive.

One of the greatest things we can bring to the table are committed parents and volunteers.  The parents of our 6-12th graders are eager to see you succeed and are excited to partner with you to disciple their children.  As you walk into a student bible study, you will be face to face with a great group of committed adult volunteers that are motivated to disciple students side by side.  Each are ready for you to be here!

We want to care for you as you join the Indian Creek family by providing a home for you to live in.  Recently renovated, this home sits on the church property a short walk from the building.  As a part of your compensation package, you will have the ability to count this as your home and use it as you would any other residence.  We know that discipleship happens outside of the church building!  Many memories and “Jesus moments” await as you use this home to disciple the students of Indian Creek.

What we are asking you to bring to the table

As the leader of our 6-12th grade ministry, we are looking for you to create an engaging environment where our current students can continue to grow as well as new students that walk in to feel welcome.  Leading a student ministry is a lot of work, we will be looking to you to empower and equip our current and any new adult volunteers with the tools they need to disciple our students along with you.

We deeply desire the community of Harrison Co. to know Jesus.  In order for that to take place, we are looking for you to move into the community and put down roots to live life alongside everyone in the Harrison Co area.  The desire of our heart is to be equipped to carry out gospel advancement.

To apply, please submit your resume, a recent video of you teaching students, and any other applicable accomplishments that show your leadership and talent to our search director JR Horn at  

 Position Title:         Student Minister

Category:                 Full-time Salaried Minister

Direct Report:         Lead Minister

Location:                  Cynthiana, KY

Salary:                       Parsonage + Compensation Based on Experience

Ministry Responsibilities


-Hold regular office hours.

-Be a fully engaged and tithing member of Indian Creek Christian Church.

-Volunteer regularly in a ministry outside of your oversight.
-Build relationships with the local community regularly, especially local school functions.

-Participate regularly in a Small Group or Bible Study for your own spiritual growth.

-Preach once per quarter in the main worship services.

-Other responsibilities as needed

Student Ministry (6-12 grade)

-Practice the disciplines of Bible Study, Prayer, Fellowship, Generosity, Service, and Evangelism with students to equip them with an obedience based faith.

-Partner with Parents by providing the necessary resources for them to disciple their children.

-Speak with grace, truth, humility, and love in all conversations.

-Facilitate the growth of the ministry through regular events and programs that allow students to plug in and stay.

-Oversee Sunday morning programming including Bible Study and serving opportunities.

-Oversee Wednesday evening programming including Bible Study and Small Groups.

-Lead/Participate in at least one offsite conference/camp for students yearly.

-Shepherd and Lead youth ministry volunteers with respect and humility.

-Ensure all Adult Volunteers are equipped physically, spiritually, and cognitively to mentor and lead students to be Equipped and Engaged Disciples of Jesus.

-Lead students in outreach events in order to ensure that students are living out their faith.

-Develop and operate within an annual youth ministry budget.

-Work alongside Children’s Minister to ensure all Elementary children transition into the Student Ministry yearly.

-Work alongside Lead Minister to ensure all graduating high school seniors transition into the adult life of the church.

-Create/Facilitate a trustworthy relationship with local schools for ministry opportunities.

-Be present and lead volunteers to be present in students’ lives outside of the church

Role Requirements
-Must adhere to the Theological statements of the church as found on the website
-Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university (Preferred) or working toward one



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