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University Mission Statement
Mid-Atlantic Christian University is an institution of Christian higher education whose mission is to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders.

Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Mission Statement
In order to accomplish the mission of the university, the Office of Instiutional Research and Effectiveness seeks to serve the university and its stakeholders by overseeing the university’s planning and evaluation process.

IR&E may be summarized with this key question: “How well are we accomplishing our educational mission?” This key question presupposes several others vital to academic effectiveness and assessment.

  • What is our educational mission for students?
  • Can we document that students have met our objectives and our missions?
  • Have we articulated that missions in measurable learning objectives? For every program?
  • Do our assessment efforts lead to improvements in how we accomplish our mission?

Philosophy/Theology of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
We conceive of the university as a community of learning where students, faculty and staff share together, where faith informs learning and where we discover new horizons in Christian higher education. Thus when it comes to IR&E we find our starting points originating from three places in the Bible:

  • Evaluate from life’s origin in the past in Creation; does our activity accomplish the Creator’s intentions?
  • Evaluate from present operation/performance under the Lord; does our activity accomplish the Lord’s service?
  • Evaluate from the perspective of the future in the End; does our activity anticipate the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom?


    • Define, collect, analyze, maintain and disseminate official institutional data to both internal and external constituents
    • Coordinate assessment related activity across the campus
    • Assist academic and administrative units with planning and evaluation activities
    • Insure that the institution is in compliance with SACSCOC accreditation standards, policies and procedures