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Field Mentors serve a valuable role in the educational process for Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU) students.  Time invested in providing counsel, oversight, and on the job training is rewarding for both the student as well as the mentor as he or she is able to assist MACU in preparing extraordinary leaders.

As part of the mission of Mid-Atlantic, the Internship program seeks to assist students in understanding the environment and culture for the world in which they live and work. Cultural differences can be in many areas:  ethnic, racial, gender, age, socio-economic, etc.  The following outcomes for students have been established in this area and we ask Field Mentors to be especially cognizant of how students are achieving these goals:

1.  Students will be able to use their knowledge of cultural differences to navigate intercultural experiences successfully.


2.  Students will be able to demonstrate interest in other cultures through initiating inquiry and interaction.

3.  Students will be able to suspend premature judgments when interacting cross-culturally.


Being a Field Mentor takes time: investing, leading, providing feedback, correcting, encouraging, challenging, and holding the intern accountable.  As with any good investment, the return is significant.  An effective internship provides for the intern valuable ‘on the job’ experience and a chance to discern his or her gifts for effective ministry.  It provides for the church an opportunity to help in the development of kingdom workers.  Both of these benefits work together to advance the kingdom of God on earth.

Field Mentors and host churches or organizations should understand that hosting an intern is not primarily a means of having additional staff to carry on the day to day responsibilities of the work.  Instead, it is first and foremost a learning experience in which the mentor should provide oversight, direction, and learning experiences for the intern.


A field mentor invests time and effort in developing the intern.  Appreciation is expressed to those who are willing to shoulder this responsibility.  Below are some of the materials prospective mentors will find helpful in discovering the role of mentoring.  Also included are samples of forms mentors are expected to complete to aid the Internship Program in evaluating the intern as well as the program.