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The Business Administration major creates a host of wonderful opportunities for the student to prepare for full-time employment. Excellence in leadership is one of the critical issues facing organizations today. For-profit and nonprofit organizations rely on Godly and effective leaders to guide their organizations through the day-to-day challenges.

The need for committed Christian leaders working in for-profit and nonprofit organizations has never been greater. Excelling in business requires the ability to think strategically and to make tough decisions. This requires confidence in one’s ability and wise counsel. You will build that confidence with a Business Administration degree from Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU).

At Mid-Atlantic, you’ll also receive a strong Biblical foundation with a minor in Bible. Building upon that foundation, you’ll pursue a major in Business Administration. These courses comprise the professional studies element of your education – providing specialized courses to equip you with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead an organization.

In the Business Administration program, students will learn management and leadership principles. Students will gain confidence in strategic planning, systems development, research methods, managerial accounting, ethics, spiritual development, best practices, and communication skills. Students will also grow in their understanding of God’s Word, and its daily application in the area of leadership as the student matures as a Christian leader.

Students successfully completing the Business Administration major will:


identify core concepts and theories in the topics of finance, accounting, marketing, management, economics, and business law


apply business management concepts of planning, organizing, controlling and leading in real-life situations


respond appropriately when confronted with moral and ethical dilemmas with the integration a biblical worldview


integrate a biblical worldview with business concepts, functions and strategy

Bachelor of Science Course Breakdown
Required Courses 120 Credit Hours
Biblical Studies Minor 18 Credit Hours
General Studies 40/41 Credit Hours
Business Administration Major 48 Credit Hours
Concentration 12 Credit Hours
Open Electives 2 Credit Hours

Students in the Business Administration program must choose from one of eight concentrations:

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This program will provide a solid foundation for business administration while making you feel like a part of the family at MACU.

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