Cross-Cultural Ministry

Ministry Major (Cross-Cultural Ministry Concentration)

Students in the Ministry Major may choose to fill 15 of the 18 ministry hour electives with the following cross-cultural ministry courses. Students who complete this option will have a major in Ministry with a cross-cultural ministry concentration.

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Suggested Sequence of Courses for Bachelor of Arts
Suggested Sequence of Courses for Bachelor of Science 

CC 286 Cultural Anthropology – This course allows students to understand the diverse cultures of the world through participant observation of the culture’s life cycle and subsystems. With a goal of being able to learn another language and culture in order to translate the Bible, share the gospel in local languages, and plant churches with indigenous leaders, the student will learn tools of analysis for cultures developed from anthropology.. 3 credit hours

CC 311 Contemporary Trends in Missions – The course will explore current missiological issues and trends, including church-mission relationships, the ecumenical movement, nationalism, and their significance to the worldwide mission of the Church. This course is a comparative examination of the relationship and mutual influences of the Christian world mission and of contemporary secular trends on the global scale. 3 credit hours

CC 341 Globalization – This course examines a complex topic — globalization — from a Christian & Biblical perspective. Globalization is a concept that has proliferated in both popular and scholarly arenas, describing the increasing intensity of flows of capital, labor, commodities, and ideologies across national borders. We will explore multiple perspectives on the origins of globalization and the local, national, and international impacts of globalization on lands, cultures, economies, human rights and quality of life. Students will also examine the relationships among globalization, citizenship, and identity to enhance skills for citizenship in a globalizing world. The unifying theme of the kingdom of God will be used to integrate biblical ideas about God’s mission in the world. 3 credit hours

CC 384 World Religions – Through a study of worldviews, the student is introduced to major world religions and folk religions. Comparison is made between the worldviews of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese religion, Shintoism, Spiritism, Secularism, and Christianity. The goal is to find ways that the gospel can be shared with maximum communication in each context. 3 credit hours

CC 387 Cross-Cultural Communication – Tools of cultural anthropology are used to understand how to communicate with a person of another language and culture for the purpose of Christian witness. Through cultural analysis, the use of appropriate media is discussed. 3 credit hours

As one of the theology electives in the Biblical Studies Major students will take TH 253 Theology of Missions – This course develops a biblical theology of world missions by considering what the Bible says about missions from Genesis to Revelation. The unifying theme of the kingdom of God will be used to integrate biblical ideas about God’s mission in the world. 3 credit hours

As an “Information Literacy” elective in the General Studies requirement students will choose CC 283 Historical Models of Christian Missions – This course analyzes the main methods used in world missions and the results that each method has produced. Models of mission used through the centuries are critiqued biblically with a goal of discovering models that are appropriate for today’s missionaries. 3 credit hours

Cross-Cultural Ministry Minor

Students in a degree program other than a ministry major may declare a minor in cross-cultural ministry. Students who minor in cross-cultural ministry will complete 18 semester hours in cross-cultural Ministry. The following courses will be completed: CC 283, CC 286, CC 311, CC 341, CC 384, CC 387

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