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You’re probably browsing this site because you’re trying to decide which of the thousands of colleges in the United States is the one for you. 

In addition, you probably also realize you need to start focusing your attention on a specific career path. There are so many academic opportunities available in the 21st century that choosing just one field of interest can be mind-boggling. Add to that the fact that you are a Christian striving to follow God’s will for your life, and the decision can seem impossible.

Take comfort, though, because you’re not alone!

We often say “Give MACU a try for one year and see what a difference it can make in your life.” I’d like to extend that plea by saying, “Come to Mid Atlantic for two years, graduate with an Associate degree in Bible, and see which doors the Lord may open for you in the process.”

Students who enroll in the Associate of Arts: Biblical Studies program usually do so for one of two reasons.

1. They know they want to go on to a secular college and obtain a degree, but they want a solid biblical foundation before they go;


2. They know they don’t want to go on to a secular college, but they do want a working knowledge of the Bible so they can be better workers in their local church.

If you fit into one of these categories, then the Associate of Arts: Biblical Studies program may be for you.

Required Courses 61/62 Semester Hours
General Studies 31/32 Semester Hours
Biblical and Theological Studies 21 Semester Hours
Professional Studies 9 Semester Hours
Course Schedule and Checklist

Three Benefits of the 

Associate of Arts: Biblical Studies Program:

• The core components are Bible and Theology courses. This provides the perfect foundation for further studies and your life’s work! 
• The general studies courses in this program are usually transferable to any college or university, accommodating those who desire to complete their education elsewhere.
• A variety of professional studies electives allows you to select those courses in which you are most interested.

What can I do with
an Associate of Arts: Bible Studies
degree from MACU?

A recent survey of Mid Atlantic’s Associate of Arts: Biblical Studies graduates showed the following:

• 40% are employed in business offices (office managers, medical transcriptionists, financial counselors, loan processors)
• 20% are employed in churches (part-time ministers)
• 20% completed degrees at other colleges/universities
• 13% are employed in retail
• 13% are self-employed

Students successfully completing the Associate of Arts: Biblical Studies will:

  1. Recall key individuals, events, and themes from the biblical text
  2. Employ basic reliable resources to responsibly interpret the biblical text
  3. Express ways in which biblical teachings apply to their lives