Law schools do not provide a specific undergraduate curriculum for admission; thus, there is no particular major which is necessarily the best preparation for the study of law. However, certain courses are beneficial in taking the bar examinations. Students should plan their curriculum carefully and enroll in courses in English, History, Mathematics, Writing and Public Speaking, Accounting, Christian Studies, Psychology, and a laboratory science. At MACU, students may want to consider the Business Administration degree or the free standing Biblical Studies degree and load up with as many “general studies” courses as possible.

ents will need to contact the Law School they wish to attend to inquire about any specific requirements and to inquire about preparations to take the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT). This test measures general analytic skills and qualities of thought and expression. In addition, pre-law students should seek out part-time employment or internships in government and legal offices.

For further insight in pre-law undergraduate programs, we encourage prospective students to consider the advice of the American Bar Association.

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