MACU Wireless Access

Setup MACUnet Wireless instructions:

  • Employees
  • Students

Guest Access

  • Connect to the MACUOnboard network.
  • If your devices does not automatically redirect you, open your preferred network browser and go to
    • If you see a pop-up that your device cannot verify server identity or that the connection is not private, continue to the page.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Start
  • Select Guests
  • Enter your phone information to continue the registration process
    • You will receive a text message that contains a 6-character verification code
    • Once you have received the code, type the code into the registration portal
  • If prompted, download and run the applet (most Windows and Android devices).  
    • Android
      • If prompted to download the applet from the Google Play do not download.  Use the local download option.
      • Download and fully install the applet
      • You may have to allow app installs from unkown sources
      • Once the applet is fully installed, then proceed to the next step.
  • Follow all prompts on the connection applet.
  • Follow the subsequent steps to get your device on the network.
    • You may be prompted to install a certificate, you must do so.
    • You may be prompted for a device password, this is your personal password associated with your particular device
  • Your access is good for 8 hours


Currently, consoles are not supported on the MACUnet wireless network--consoles should be physically plugged in via ethernet cable.

Addressing Wireless Devices and Health Concerns

Check out the FCC's publication on wireless devices and health concerns

MACU Wired Network Access

Each dorm room has access to two network jacks. Wired network access for student computers is not available outside Pearl A. Presley Hall and Harold C. Turner Hall.

Wired routers are not allowed on the MACU network. Students that need more ethernet jacks can use a switch; typically available at Wal-MartOffice Max, or any number of online retailers. The MACU IT Policy governs all network related activity.