Student Computer Labs


 Library Student Computer Lab

  Heritage Student Computer Lab


Monday - Thursday
7:45AM - 8 PM

7:45AM - 4PM

12:30PM - 2:30PM



Chapel (9:30 - 10:20AM TW)



1:00PM - 12:00AM

Monday - Saturday
7:45AM - 12:00AM




Chapel (9:30 - 10:20AM TW)

Students, staff, and faculy log into the lab computers with their MACUID (the first part of their MACU email addres without the (e.g. john.doe))

Printers are available in both computer labs.  Printing is free in the Heritage Lab.  Printing the library is done on a cost-per-sheet basis.

Documents should not be saved to any lab computers.  Students should always save their work to Google Drive or  flash drive. Lab computers are wiped and re-imaged multiple times each day.  Any work saved to lab computers will be lost.  The college is not responsible for lost documents.  Ensure that your work is being saved to a flash drive or Google Drive.

As a reminder, Google Drive offers unlimted storage to all students and is available from any web browser. 

General Usage

The student computer labs are equipped with computers primarily for the academic work of our students.  Those wishing to use student computers for recreation are welcome to do so as long as other students are not disturbed, delayed or inconvenienced. Recreational computer use is not allowed at times when students with academic work are waiting.

Any student working on a class assignment or student project has priority in the university computers labs, and any student using a computer for recreational use (games, correspondence, social e-mail, etc…) is expected to relinquish their computer promptly in response to a request from another student.