IT Guiding Principles

“Principles” are how we, the Office of Information Technology (OIT), want to operate.  These principles guide the university’s technology initiatives and implementations and serve as the foundation of IT governance at MACU.

IT at MACU is a partnership, leveraging both centralized and localized resources to meet the strategic goals of the university, and requiring discussions that ensure the optimal use of limited IT resources.

Our Guiding Principles:

Consistency in IT decisions, principles, goals, and strategies with MACU’s strategic plan, Vision 2020, and institutional mission.

Agility We must remain agile in our planning, implementation, and management of IT resources.

Mobility We recognize that the modern user desires to be untethered and our IT infrastructure must enable users to be mobile. 

Community We will strive to have an IT ecosystem of communication and collaboration that serves its stakeholders.  IT strategic planning and decision-making will be driven by the needs of the users of IT.

Transparency We will be transparent in our decision-making and resource use.  Significant IT decisions will be made via established governance processes in a manner that solicits input from relevant stakeholders, as transparent processes will lead to better acceptance of decisions and improved outcomes.  OIT will communicate with stakeholders about impacts of IT decisions, and stakeholders will consult with OIT concerning current performance and anticipated needs.

Responsibility We will provide a secure but accessible data environment while maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  We will exercise the responsible use of MACU’s financial resources and ensure that solutions provide real and appropriate value.

Novelty and innovation.  We will encourage and support the development and acquisition of innovative IT services that enhance teaching, learning, and growth. We will promote a culture of innovative thinking, seeking focused IT solutions to solve identified problems purposefully and to enhance organizational excellence.

Proficiency Currency of knowledge and skills is critical to the OIT’s effectiveness in supporting faculty, staff, students, and other MACU stakeholders.