IT Strategic Planning

In December of 2014, OIT adopted its new Strategic Plan and Roadmap.

The IT Strategic Plan is the result of nearly two years of planning, deliberations, and meetings.  The new IT strategic plan is intended to be a living document that can guide IT at MACU for many years to come.  

View/download a copy of the MACU IT Strategic Plan (.pdf)

IT Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Beginning in early 2013, the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) met and discussed the nature and purpose of IT at MACU.  After these initial discussions, ITAC engaged the university community via surveys, meetings, and conversations to further identify where IT at MACU was and where it needed to go.

ITAC, along with the wider university community, identified several key areas of interest--focal points of where IT can be improve and engage its stakeholders. 

These key areas of interest include (but are not limited to) a holistic approach to IT, cogent and appropriate security, compliance oversight, an IT culture of communication and collaboration, and an efficient and effective structure (including framework, principles, policies, standards, practices, and procedures) for the governance of IT.  These broad-concept areas of interest were boiled down to objectives and foundation for IT strategic planning at MACU.


  • Identify, develop, enable, and enhance IT enablers
  • Enhance and define IT governance
  • Develop IT strategies and goals
  • Enhance learning the student experience
  • Effective and efficient technologies for stakeholders
  • Foster bidirectional dialogue between OIT and stakeholders

The MACU Information Technology Strategic Plan is a living document and consists of four major components.  The objectives identified by ITAC and MACU IT stakeholders directed the creation of the strategic plan and its adjuvant parts.  The four major components ensure that the IT Strategic Plan is aligned with Vision 2020 (the University's strategic plan) and aide in the selection and adoption of specific IT projects.

The four components of the information strategic plan are:

The guiding principles represent the fundamental way in which MACU OIT wants to interface with technology and its enablers.  Every IT decision that the university makes will incorporate and be guided by its IT guidance principles and adhere to its IT governance framework. 

The core themes are overarching themes that help to translate OIT’s guiding principles into corresponding strategic goals.

The strategic goals are core goals for IT at MACU.  These strategic goals help IT at MACU to fulfill its principles. 

The action items are the strategies to meet MACU’s IT strategic goals and to identify specific projects.


It Strategic Plan