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MACU Forward is a two-year fundraising initiative with a goal of raising $600,000. The money will significantly help MACU extend its degree offerings, increase its available scholarship funds and expand its facilities.

All of the money raised will have a significant impact on helping MACU fulfill its mission and vision to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders. 

Specifically, the funds raised will expand MACU's offering in the four areas: Church Planting, Scholarships, Biology, and Philanthropy.

Church Planting

For this endeavor, MACU will be partnering with Waypoint Church Partners. Through our partnership, we will be in a position to plant the seeds early on for any potential or current students considering church planting. In addition to gaining valuable ministry experience, students enrolled in this program will gain hands-on knowledge and expertise enabling them to go plant churches.  


Since 1985, the MACU Foundation has awarded over $900,000 in scholarships to students. Currently 96% of our students leave MACU with an average of $29,797 in student loan debt. We are seeking to create an environment where we graduate extraordinary leaders without significant financial debt. To help meet this need, 10% of the MACU Forward goal will be designated for foundation scholarships.


According to current research, 52% of youth group teens are interested in science-related careers. We want to give those teens the option of obtaining a science-based degree while studying in a Christian environment. We plan to offer a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree starting in the Fall of 2017. 


Church planters, non-profit leaders, missionaries, and nearly everyone involved in any ministry needs to be able to raise funds. We are partering with the Aspiran Group to add a Certified Development Professional certification to our academic offerings.

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