President Perkins Global Classroom Campaign


Dear Friend of Mid-Atlantic,

Global has always been a focus for Mid-Atlantic. Since the very beginning, this institution has been focused on impacting the church globally. As President, I’ve traveled to Thailand, France, and India to represent Mid-Atlantic and to minister with our alumni. We have alumni serving in 46 states, 1 territory and 22 foreign countries. Our faculty and students routinely make trips around the world. Cross-cultural training and ministry experience are real and practical at MACU.

Things change. When Mid-Atlantic began 65 years ago, essentially every college student in the United States physically sat in a classroom on a campus. Today, vast numbers of students seek training and a college education in a virtual classroom, using the internet as their online hallway. Students enjoy the convenience of both time and place. And as technology has improved, the experience has become well-rounded with video lecture and real-time interaction between students and faculty on a scale that was hard to imagine 65 years ago.

Mid-Atlantic is beginning a new chapter. It is very apparent that we must expand our online capability to meet the demands of today’s student. And when we offer a global classroom, we will immediately broaden our appeal to students well beyond the Mid-Atlantic region.

Imagine a working father, anywhere in the United States, hesitant to leave home for ministerial training. But now he can pursue ministry by enrolling online with MACU’s Global Classroom. He can continue to provide for his family but also gain the Christian education and training he desires.
Imagine the student in Thailand, literally on the other side of the globe. Technology has given him, or her, the ability to enter Mid-Atlantic’s Global Classroom for ministry training.

The time has come for Mid-Atlantic to build a Global Classroom. This will require raising $600,000, which must be above and beyond the day-to-day needs of our general fund.  I’m asking that you prayerfully consider your role in this two-year fundraising effort. Please review these campaign materials and accept the challenge to partner with us. Our financial partners and prayer supporters are the life-blood of Mid-Atlantic. We cannot do this without your involvement.  Together, with the Lord’s blessing, we can take the Mid-Atlantic classroom to a global audience.

Serving those who serve,

D. Clay Perkins,Ph.D.


Portrait of Clay Perkins