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Dorm Residents

When Should I apply?
When you receive your acceptance letter from the Admissions Office, a housing application will be enclosed.
Is there a fee required?
A $100 confirmation fee is required.
Do I get to choose my room?
Upon completing the housing form the Resident Hall Director will try to meet your request based on what is available.
What if I have maintenance issues?
Contact your hall RA or the Resident Hall Director.


Is there a deposit required?
To be placed on the list for Married Student Housing, a deposit of $200 is required when you submit your MSH Application.
Are appliances included?
Yes, all apartments have a stove and a refrigerator. Most apartments have a washer and dryer.
Do we pay the rent each month is is it added our student account?
During the school year, your rent is added to your student account per semester. During the summer, you are required to pay rent each month. The summer months are June and July.
Do I have to pay a full month's rent if I take occupancy in the middle of the month?
No, the rent will be prorated depending on the number of days left in that month.
What utility bills am I responsible for?
Utilities are included in your rent for PAP and Turner Hall. Electric, water, and heating charges will be added monthly (as invoices come in) to your student account.
Are we allowed to have visitors?
This is your home; your guest(s) may come and go freely. (Individuals living in Pearl A. Presley dorm will be restricted to the student curfews.)
What if I have maintenance issues?
During the day, from 8:00 - 5:00 p.m. call the business office at 252-334-2000. After 5:00 call Phillip Alligood at 252-333-8923 or Carol Stuart at 252-202.6512.