Emergency Preparedness

Safety Staying Safe on Campus Emergency Preparedness

Mid-Atlantic Christian University’s Emergency Response Plan allows the university to react promptly and accurately to emergencies on campus.

An emergency will be defined as: “Any event that significantly affects routine campus functions. Emergencies may be minor to severe and may or may not imply immediate threat to life.”

Currently, the MACU Emergency Response Plan covers the following:


  • First Response
  • Places of Safety
  • Types of Emergencies
    • Fire
    • Pandemic Flu Outbreaks
    • Hurricanes/Inclement Weather
    • Tornado
    • Bomb Threats
    • Earthquakes
    • Floods
    • National Tragedies
    • Unspecified Threats or Disturbances
  • The Emergency Response Team
    • ERT Functions
    • Succession of Campus Authority
  • Evacuation Protocols
  • Protection of Records
  • AIDS Protocols 



The appropriate vice president handles emergencies that are localized to a specific section of campus or building. 

Isolated medical emergencies are handled by the closest person of authority (campus staff or resident hall staff.)

The University Emergency Response Team (ERT) handles campus-wide emergencies.